All About Product Photography

All About Product Photography

High quality and well-executed product photography are important for label design. It impacts the look of the final product. Before we dive in, remember, and make a note, that 300dpi (or dots per inch) is standard. Great Lakes Label will need images that have 300dpi no matter what.

While smartphone cameras have improved, investing in professional equipment is important. With smartphones, low light situations impact the quality of the image. With a DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera, the photographer has more control over settings. This assists with taking high-quality photos in any environment.


Which image would you rather use on your label?

This, at 300dpi?


Or this image at 72dpi?



Now let’s look at how to take some high-quality images.


Product Photography: How To Market Products With Photos [19 Pro Tips]
Image courtesy of Darren DeMatas

Product Photography: How To Market Products With Photos [19 Pro Tips]

This guide offers definitions of photography terminology, shows you how to figure out what camera, and so much more. It even explains how to handle editing your pictures once they’re taken. Check out the link above and use it as a reference to your photographic journey in labeling. It will make a huge difference in producing quality.

Canon USA Imaging on Twitter

Start to understand the basics of #photography & how you can change the aperture when getting that perfect shot!

Canon Aperture Lessons & Other Video Classes

Canon’s wide selection of video lessons teaches you everything about DSLR camera settings. If you are taking your own product photography, these tips are essential. Create professional-grade images. If you buy a Canon camera, lessons that use your camera will make it easier to apply your new knowledge. Nikon, Sony, and FujiFilm also have YouTube channels with educational videos to get you started with your equipment.


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