Promotional Beauty Labels Differ From Others

Promotional Beauty Labels Differ From Others

Promotional beauty labels differ from other industries’ promotional labels in a few ways. First, typically, the size of the label tends to be smaller for cosmetics and some other beauty products than, say, food or beverage items. They also get tucked away in a store, so customers aren’t immediately drawn in upon entering the store. Also, it’s not typically industry standard to include cartoonish graphics for holidays or events the way it is in other sectors.

promotional beauty labels - THYK hair label with motion coat - Great Lakes LabelPromotional Beauty Labels That Pop

Some beauty labels will use elegant, subtle graphics around seasonal holidays. So, to stand out, do something drastic. For Valentines, create a velvety, vibrant red label that makes shoppers reach out and touch the packaging. The more haptic techniques are used, the more successful the promotional label, after all.


Or take your current design up a notch and use holographic techniques such as Cast & Cure or Motion Coat to take the design to another level. So, it doesn’t require an entirely new redesign to spice things up, just creativity. Again, these techniques create a sensory experience that shoppers won’t be able to resist.

Peony hand soap label with mirafoil - Great Lakes LabelMore Subtle Promotion

Foiling is a simple way to elevate your design.  It glistens in the light and creates luxury appeal. So, what are some other ways to make subtle changes with a big impact?

Labeling Technology

Use labeling technology such as NFC technology, a QR code, or even a simple URL to connect customers to added value. This doesn’t drastically change the label design but also increases engagement. Then, share promotional content such as seasonal tutorials, ever-changing social media accounts, or apps.

Booklet-Style Labels

Another way to add value is to add pages to your label with booklet-style labeling. Now, promotional content and added value are provided behind your standard design. Plus, this technique again engages shoppers’ senses when they open up the panels.


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