Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC)

Promotional labels come in the form of Instant Redeemable Coupons. IRCs have a high rate of success in attracting customers’ attention. Placing your instant redeemable coupon next to a competitors’ product gives you a competitive edge. One with cost-saving opportunities for the customer. A simple pressure sensitive label coupon can really leave a mark.

Heineken promotional Labels by Great Lakes Label

Promotional Labels’ Design

Take your promotional label to the next level. Mix up the color scheme or adjust the company branding. It will stand out from your other products on display. Are you releasing a new product, or redesigning a product for a specific holiday? Take advantage of the associated color schemes. Also, create promotional packaging that reflects that holiday.

Adding techniques to promotional labels is another fantastic way to make your design pop! Anything from embossing, to foils, to motion coat can be used. These techniques allow you to stick with your company’s branding and also add something unique to the label.


Digital Printing’s Role

Digital printing has made a big impact on customization in packaging. It allows you to create various versions of the same promotion, easily adjust the variable data of the coupon, or provide different art for various markets. Some of this data could include barcodes, QR codes, text, images or even coupon numbers.



The adhesive is an important consideration. This is because the label needs to remain adhered to the substrate, then peel off cleanly when the customer removes it. In particular, the back of the label needs to be clean in order to read the back of the coupon. If the label is going to be applied on a wet surface, appropriate materials need to be considered as well.


Learn even more about how to develop your label design using Great Lakes Label’s offerings. So, download our comprehensive label production and design guide.

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