Review: How Accurate Were Our 2017 Label Trend Predictions

Review: How Accurate Were Our 2017 Label Trend Predictions

We made our 2017 label trend predictions this time last year, so it seems only fitting to look back and see how we did.

A Review of Our 2017 Label Trend Predictions

Our 2017 Label Trend Predictions

Packaging Inspired By Nature

Earthy greens and sustainability were top of mind in January 2017. With greenery having been announced as Pantone’s 2017 Color of The Year, the natural textures, colors, and stocks were ideal.

High-End Appeal Design Trends

The luxury market was growing and so was the popularity of innovative labeling techniques. From foiling, to embossing, to holographic shine, the more you could add to a label the better. This trend also meant more use of sustainable and metallic stocks.

Back to Basics

Minimalism has been trendy in design for a while, so naturally, this continued in 2017, right? The less clutter the better. Why overcomplicate things?


So, how did we do?

Packaging Inspired By Nature

Although Greenery was around, and green is a very popular color, there wasn’t an overwhelming increase in its use. Environmental motifs weren’t particularly trendy either. In fact, the opposite end of the color spectrum surged with an increase in popularity for coppers and “millennial pink.”

moya wine label - wine traders - great lakes label

So, what about sustainability in label production and design? That has increased! More label stocks made from recycled content are available, and so FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) approved stocks.


While our prediction on greenery trending was incorrect, green label stocks did increase in popularity. Current score: 1/1


High-End Appeal Design Trends

Innovative techniques did, in fact, get more popular in 2017. At tradeshows, this was a constant conversation for us. More and more brands are looking for unique ways to highlight their products and stand out from the competition. What was strange, however, is that both luxury and handcrafted products were key drivers.


Our prediction was correct and exceeded our expectations. Current score 2/2


Back to Basics

Minimalism did not grow in 2017. In fact, motifs in design are coming back in a big way.  Labels are still remaining quite uncluttered, but bold colors, intricate details, and large prints are all on the up.


Our prediction was wrong. Final score: 2/3


This year we conducted more research and dived deeper into the trends. Take a look at our predictions for 2018.


Are you interested in learning more about what Great Lakes Label offers, or how to incorporate these techniques into your label design? Get label samples to see these techniques in person!

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