Smart Packaging Moves Beyond QR Codes

Smart Packaging Moves Beyond QR Codes

Smart packaging is shaping the future of beauty products. While smart packaging is appropriate for all industries, the cosmetic industry seems to be starting to use this labeling technology at a faster rate.

La Roche-Posay My UV Patch

This patch applies directly to the skin and the technology is so flexible that it bends with the skin with ease. It monitors the customers’ UV levels so that they can reapply sunscreen at the perfect moment. By scanning the patch with your phone, a wide array of information pops up. This is not only a masterful way of creating a personal experience with your product, but it could save lives.

Shape Matters Palette from Smashbox

This palette is unique because it comes with cards you can swipe to get personalized tips on how to apply makeup. This concept is similar to ideas posed in our blog on catering to Gen Z. Creating videos that break down the barrier between brand and consumer is important in building that relationship. It creates a dynamic that the brand is truly there for the customer in every stage of their purchase.


woman applying lipstick - smart packaging

How can your brand utilize smart packaging?

Smart packaging is all about the consumer experience. It’s the “me factor.” What can you do to create an immersive experience that builds a relationship between your brand and your shoppers?

When designing your packaging, consider what you can do to keep the relationship going after point of sale and to provide the best possible service. Utilize videos and apps to create that personal bond. The more customized the information, the better.

Consumers are looking to learn how to apply beauty products properly. Helping them on their way keeps their eyes on your brand instead of someone else’s.


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