Social Media Sharing Is Social Selling Your Label

Social Media Sharing Is Social Selling Your Label

It is no secret that social media sharing plays a strong role in brands connecting with customers. Use that connection to promote new packaging and new releases through social sharing. Instead of relying on only traditional means, it’s time to forge relationships online.


Social Media Sharing Announcements

bud light redesign - social media sharing is social sellingThis image of the new Bud Light design received thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. On Facebook, it received hundreds of shares and thousands of likes. An impressive set of stats.


These posts would have made their way into more news feeds as followers shared it.  That’s good for the marketing budget. Now, a wide group of people see the new branding. This simple post makes it easier to recognize the product in-store.


Packaging Designed For Sharing

pepsi emojis on bottle label designsBy now you’ve probably seen Pepsi’s emoji labels. These labels designs keep social media sharing in mind. People would enthusiastically post pictures of their emoji label, instantly becoming somewhat of a Pepsi brand ambassador in their circle of online connections.


Online Shopping Culture

With so many people taking to the internet to buy products, staying competitive is important. So, make it easy for people to see your product and find out where to get it once released. The downside is that your customers don’t have the ability to pick up your product and look at it when they shop online. However, even utilizing video on social media can make a big impact in showcasing techniques on your labels. Make it easy for your customers to see themselves using your product.


Tell A Story

Stories are the most powerful way you can get customers to connect with your brand, understand your products’ benefits and see themselves purchasing it. Social media is also the perfect medium to share stories, long and short. Use your platforms to share the story of how your label was designed. Maybe show your customers how your products are made. Socially share what you do to create products worth buying. Do you have an environmentally conscious facility or suppliers? Showing how that effects your label makes it easier for customers to align themselves with your goals.


Viral hits cannot be predetermined, but making it easier for people to share your label makes a big impact. Any brand, big or small, can effectively promote their labels and design them with social media impact in mind.



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