Soft Touch Creates Cashmere Soft Labels

Soft Touch Creates Cashmere Soft Labels

First, what Exactly Is Soft Touch?

Soft touch is a labeling technique that creates an irresistibly smooth and soft surface. This technique can be found on Perrin Brewing Company’s Lil’ Griz label, among other luxury label designs we’ve printed. It’s not just ideal for craft brewers, but would be an excellent addition to beauty labels, and all luxury label designs.

Perrin Lil' Griz Label With Soft Touch Technique
Perrin Lil’ Griz Label With Soft Touch Technique


Why Use This Technique?

Soft touch doesn’t have any visual qualities to it that you can see through a computer, but, this texture is one that people will want to pick up off the shelf and feel for themselves. Especially where luxury products are concerned, providing the customer with an experience that engages their senses is key.


This technique can also be used in combination with others. It is a flexible option that improves the quality of your customer experience. Use it in conjunction with foiling or embossing for a truly luxury experience!



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