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Mixing Brand Aesthetics For Labels in Product Collaborations

Mixing Brand Aesthetics For Labels in Product Collaborations

Mixing brand aesthetics is a complicated design task when the looks clash. Color schemes, graphics styles, and fonts all interplay in collaborations. There are, however, simple ways to make the label design look far more cohesive.

Nature Valley Yoplait 7-11 Label Printed by Great Lakes Label - mixing brand aestheticsIt’s Your Product, So Keep Your Branding When Mixing Brand Aesthetics

Simplicity is a fantastic way to ensure both aesthetics mix well. So, incorporating fonts from your logo in other copy, or colors from your logo, offer a baseline to refer to. Some logos and color schemes will match pretty well, which is great! It makes it a lot easier in that case. However, other collaborations will not be so fortunate. In that case, increase whitespace between the logos or imagery from your collaborator’s brand. It gives some rest for the eye and makes it easier to infuse some neutral colors around their portion of the label if applicable.


Find Commonalities

What do your two brands have in common? Try working from there. Are there similar colors, font styles, or graphics used? Work from there.

When there aren’t many commonalities, consider what colors, fonts, and graphics your brand uses that compliments elements in theirs? Although this isn’t a direct similarity, it provides a place to start with what elements mesh well. It just takes one spark of an idea to better weave the branding together seamlessly.


Draw The Eye Using Innovative Labeling Techniques

Innovative labeling techniques such as foiling and embossing create separation from the different design elements on your label. Plus, when they catch the light, techniques draw the eye to your product and to specific areas they’re applied to. It’s creative control over dividing contrasting elements on one label and also mixing it together. With holographic styles like Motion Coat or Cast & Cure, contrasting colors appear to fit in more with the technique used.


Learn how to use marketing strategies to create labels that will delight customers! Download our e-book, The Marketing Guide here.

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Unconventional Ideas For Label Engagement

Unconventional Ideas For Label Engagement

So, you want to enhance what you offer for label engagement. Do something unique and unpredictable. Entice customers into picking up your product in the grocery store aisle by doing something your competition isn’t. Provide them with a value they can’t get anywhere else.

10. Link To Music Recommendations

Like a secret menu or a speakeasy bar, link to an unmentioned musical recommendation using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. No matter what your product is, it’s likely that music can be enjoyed while your customer uses the product. So, partner with musicians local to the area your product is shipping to. Or, generally, create a promotion for recognizing underground artists in the most underground way.


Labeling 101 Resource Center blog button Great Lakes Label - high quality

9. Show a New Way To Re-Use The Packaging On Each Label

Create a small graphic that promotes sustainability by highlighting a new way to repurpose the product. Or, re-enforce brand humor by making the solution completely ridiculous each time. Still, this particularly makes sense when using sustainable labeling stocks. Instead of walking the walk, first, talk the talk.


8. Use Techniques to Create a Magic Eye Style Design

Or any visual trick, really. Start with a smart concept that requires a second look. Then, enhance it with foiling, a tactile coating, Motion Coat, and even Cast & Cure. This is a sure-fire way to get people picking up your product to take a closer look. It even creates a nostalgic positive association that then, in turn, is associated with your brand. With texture, the haptic aspect of the design also creates positive, subconscious associations.


7. Link To Something Random, Yet Related to The Brand

Some brands lean into random, irreverent humor to their advantage. If you’re a craft beer brand, linking to information on how beer is made, beer memes, viral videos featuring beer, or pictures of hops are all worth surprising your customers with. Better still, instead of getting permission to use random user-generated content, create your own. Faux memes, faux viral videos, behind the scenes pictures, cartoon panel style jokes, etc. Offer something completely personal and unique that customers won’t see anywhere else. Better still, your product will be in it every single time.


6. Include Funny & Peculiar Reviews

Did you get a strange or goofy review? Share it! When you include silly product reviews you reveal that you’re a laidback brand with a sense of humor. Plus, it shows customers that you’re connected to the community and, for better or worse, their feedback will be heard. In fact, it may provide encouragement for customers to leave more reviews.

glitter actega sheet Label by Great Lakes Label - increasing label engagement

5. Interesting, Outlandish Textures Promote Label Engagement

Increase label engagement on a tactile level by including unconventional textures. Glitter, Grit Coat, Motion Coat, and even Tactile Screen offer unique textures customers will want to pick up and touch. So, add sand castles, glitter dresses, and shining plant details that benefit from such techniques.


4. The Opposite of a Vintage Resurgance

Be a trendsetter. Instead of doing a vintage resurgence and re-using past designs, create packaging you anticipate for the future. Get outrageous. The more humor, the better. Will materials be sustainable? Will the shape of the packaging change? Does the label itself also fold into a bow? Of course, abide by regulations, but instead of looking back, take a step forward.


3. Profile The End Users

Sometimes owners write their bio for the product’s label. Or, sometimes the company’s team members show up to provide a more personal touch. While these are great ideas, why not take it a step further? What’s more personal than highlighting the stories your customers have to tell? Consider how these stories are displayed. Should they be written out on the label, or linked using a QR code for blog content on your website? It’s even simple enough to get these stories. Either request them through the use of a hashtag, an email or a direct social media message. Community content is right there at your fingertips, so go get it!


2. Origami Booklet-Style Labels

The booklet-style label peels for a reason. While it offers extended content space, it also offers the ability to be repurposed into something beautiful. Include a simple guide for turning the cover into an origami animal. This is especially perfect for kids’ products. Once they’re done playing with toy dough, they can then turn the label into a boat for their dough fisherman. Instead of giving customers easy content, gamify the process and let them get creative with it. The hands-on approach is fun and laid back. So, don’t take things so seriously. Allow some space for play.


1. A Global Chain of Giving

Can you add a link to your label that provides customers the opportunity to buy the product again, but this time, for someone they care about? Maybe it’s a coffee for a colleague, lipstick for a friend, or golf balls for a family member. Give people the opportunity to pass on some generosity. A simpler method is to create a chain of compliments using a hashtag, or by linking to a post on social media people can peruse at their leisure. Even strangers will complement other strangers when prompted. All they need is the idea to join in by complimenting someone else in the comments after checking out their profile. Use your label engagement for good.


Learn more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers.  We offer a variety of inks and coatings that create a label that excites customers. Download our e-book, The Resource Guide To All Things Inks & Coatings.

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Make Your Labels Look Amazing In 5 Days

Make Your Labels Look Amazing In 5 Days

This is a 5-day guide to making your current labels look amazing. It’s perfect for designing promotional labels or reinventing your current design.

Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label - labels look amazing
Brewhouse R&D Beer Label

Day 1 – Test Your Current Label

The easiest way to unbiased feedback is to send out a questionnaire about how impactful the current design is. The more feedback the better, so email it to your subscribers, share it on social media or even print out physical copies to share.

Once you receive your feedback, decide what the common threads are and use that as a launching pad. While not everyone is right, and not everyone will agree, it will give you a general idea of where you can improve. For seasonal or promotional labels, this feedback acts as a testing ground. Should it be successful, consider what traits in that design are worth incorporating into your standard label.


Day 2 – Give Your Labels More Practical Uses

These days, labels don’t just offer the customer nutritional information. Now they are packed with labeling technology and practical design elements. Decide how your label can offer the customer a practical use past the point of purchase.


Day 3 – Make Your Labels Look Amazing

Time for the design. Spend some time looking at current design trends. Experiment with transforming your current label into something bold, minimalistic or luxurious. Decide which style best suits the feedback you received and suits the smart labeling. Go with that.


Day 4 – Test Your Label Again

Share more questionnaires, now about the new design. Get a sense of if your instinct was accurate. Should these results disappoint, test with one of the other experimental designs you created on day Repeat until a design lands.


Day 5 – Incorporate Innovative Labeling Techniques

Now that the hard part is over, consider what techniques will make your label pop. Emphasize graphics and titles with simple embossing or foiling, or go bold with holographic techniques such as Motion Coat and Cast & Cure. Especially where luxury and handcrafted products are concerned, innovative labeling techniques delight customers and increase sales.


Are you interested in learning more about what Great Lakes Label offers, or how to incorporate these techniques into your label design? Get label samples to see these techniques in person!

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WATCH: Innovative Labeling Techniques

WATCH: Innovative Labeling Techniques

Innovative labeling techniques will create a luxury look. They also enhance the customer experience and direct the eye to the design. It allows customers to take in every detail, which only means that they spend more time engaging with your product and your brand.

Peony hand soap label with mirafoil - Great Lakes Label
Great Lakes Label’s R&D Label Featuring MiraFoil Peony

Foiling In Design

When designing a label, foiling can act as a highlight for important information. It is a classic technique, but one that is especially effective in bringing the attention toward the company’s logo. There are three different types of foiling. Cold foil, hot stamp, and MiraFoil. In the below video and e-book, learn which kind is right for your design.

Try Something New

Keep reading, and check out the below video, to see some techniques you haven’t heard of before. There is a myriad of ways to give your label a realistic lace look, icicle texture, or sunset glow. Foiling is great, and will always hold a place in label design, but it’s equally important to try something your competition isn’t. Show customers your luxury brand takes it’s packaging seriously. Have a handcrafted product? Create a realistic leather look, emboss a wood pattern onto your text, or a simple, matte look. The first step is understanding what techniques are out there. Then, use them.

Labeling 101 Resource Center blog button Great Lakes Label - high quality

Images Vs. Videos

Labels with multiple techniques are difficult to capture in pictures.  The light may capture foil, but not the texture of the tactile screen. The customer gets an immersive experience in the store, but online? Not so much. How do you know what will work well together without holding it in your hand and watching it catch the light? Images are often good, but videos are better. That’s why we created a video so you can see how each innovative labeling technique appears in real life.

It’s similar to how customers see your brand. One dimensional and dull labels aren’t engaging. But, labels that glisten in the light or have cashmere-soft texture make them want to pick up your product. It’s called “sensory marketing” and that’s a concept we’ll dive into further in a minute.


Great Lakes Label’s Innovative Labeling Techniques

In the below video, you will learn about the following innovative labeling techniques, and how they can enhance your packaging design.


Great Lakes Label’s Innovative Labeling Techniques

Great Lakes Label offers a variety of innovative labeling techniques that we create using the flexographic label press.

Great Lakes Label’s Innovative Labeling Techniques Video Transcript


“Great Lakes Label offers a variety of innovative labeling techniques. Take a look at how they can enhance your design.


MiraFoil is a foiling technique which excels at intricate and detailed designs. While MiraFoil can be used on a larger scale, the precision of this ink based foil is what truly sets it apart from other foiling techniques.

Cold Foil and Hot Stamp are both foiling techniques that produce a brilliant shine. Both of these techniques press the foil material onto the label.

Tactile Screen creates a raised effect without creating an inversion on the other side of the stock. It works brilliantly with intricate and detailed designs and can create a realistic texture.

Unlike Tactile Screen, Embossing does create an inversion on the other side of the stock. It also works best with larger details and creates more visible protrusion.

Rotary Screen makes raised and glistening details without imprinting the stock.

Cast & Cure is a technique that creates a holographic look. This 3D aesthetic is pressed onto the label, similar to Hot Stamp, and can cover any portion of the stock.

Soft Touch creates a cashmere-soft texture. While the technique is not visible, with a touch, it is immediately apparent.

When it catches the light, Motion Coat shines like no other. The technique can be applied in various ways, creating lines, curves, and even lightning bolts.

The tri-panel label is a booklet style labeling option that provides your design with more room to spread out.

End Screen

Thank you for watching this video on labeling techniques offered by Great Lakes Label. By clicking the annotation, you can download our e-book on the labeling techniques mentioned. It will provide you with even more information and innovative examples. If you have any questions, contact us using the on-screen annotation, or at [email protected]

Great Lakes Label's Innovative Labeling Techniques Info Graphic

This handy chart demonstrates which techniques offer which characteristics.


The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques

Now that you have watched our video on the innovative labeling techniques offered by Great Lakes Label, check out our e-book! It also discusses how sensory marketing engages customers and entices them to buy your product. Learn what that means for your brand, and how these techniques come into play to create an enticing design. See how creating realistic, or engaging textures, as well as visually interesting design, draws in customers. Get people excited about your product by getting them excited about your packaging.

The Complete Guide To Innovative Labeling Techniques E-Book Cover
The Complete Guide To Innovative Labeling Techniques E-Book Cover

If you’ve already gleaned what you can about our techniques, we have something even more exiting to offer you. Learn more about the techniques Great Lakes Label offers by holding them in your hand.  See how we can offer your brand a luxury, or handcrafted, and realistic look. Fill out this quick form to get label samples sent straight to your door.


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Luxury Packaging Market Increases

Luxury Packaging Market Increases

This article by Smithers Pira breaks down what is happening with growth in the luxury packaging market. Predictions are that the market will be worth nearly 1 trillion dollars by the year 2020, increasing at a rate of 3.3% every year. This is in part due to the access to new technologies and techniques. Packages and labels are able to stand out from competitors and prevent tamper more than ever before

Technology’s Role in Luxury Packaging

Luxury brands are also looking into how digital printing, anti-counterfeiting, and labeling techniques can play a role in developing their products. Another consideration is how technology can enhance their product and help their product endure. Packaging that can help keep champagne cold is just one example. Brands are also looking toward environmentally friendly efforts.  As biodegradable products are being developed more frequently, more opportunities to make greener packaging becomes apparent. Creating products that consumers can firmly stand behind seems to be key in growing this industry.


Some labeling techniques luxury brands are utilizing are:

Motion Coat

THYK hair label with motion coat - Great Lakes Label Collage for Website

Motion Coat is a holographic looking technique which combines texture and foil. As you can see in the above image, it can even print using a variety of patterns. Also, this technique works in-line with Pantone color matching.

Embossing & Tactile Screen

Duparc wine label - wine traders - great lakes label

Embossing and tactile screen both add texture to a label, but create very different looks. While embossing imprints the label stock, tactile screen doesn’t. Instead, a glossy layer is added, creating a texture that shines. It’s also a precise technique which creates realistic textures over labels’ graphics.


Don Anselmo Label by Great Lakes Label

Cold Foil, Hot Stamp, and MiraFoil all offer different approaches to foiling. Still, each technique adds eye-catching shine. Also, they create a more realistic look for graphics or enhance a brand logo with precise color.

Cast & Cure

Bissell Cast & Cure - Great Lakes Label's luxury packaging options

Cast & Cure is another holographic technique which uses all the colors of the rainbow. This technique shines brightly in the light and works with any color scheme.

Learn more about how our labeling solutions can increase sales. Download The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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