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Consider Your Consumers As Your Marketers

Consider Your Consumers As Your Marketers

This article from Packaging Europe touches on the ways modern consumers influence packaging design. This Biz Community article considers the same prospect but also examines the ways in which packaging creates experiences for customers. So, by designing the product’s packaging with a wider view in mind,  you create a full experience for customers, not just a protective casing for your item.


How exactly are consumers your marketers?

Shoppers have always spoken about the products they love, but these days it’s also done on a public online stage. So, take advantage of it. As a result of creating beautiful and helpful packaging, you’ll get customers who market it. Yes, even go above and beyond the competition. Don’t just offer a product, build that experience.

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Social Media Influencing

Obviously social media has completely changed the marketing landscape. Now when people like your product they also promote it on their social media pages. The brands they like almost inform the brand influencers build for themselves. So, make your packaging worthy of the product placement. Not only do you have the option to pay influencers to promote your product, but fans will create their own user-generated content for you when they’re excited to show it off. Artistic packaging makes it far easier for the later to enthusiastically occur.

Word of Mouth and Blatant Recommendations

Online and off, an unbiased recommendation from someone you know is a very convincing way to try something new. So, when you create packaging that goes above and beyond to serve customers, they’ll post online reviews, discuss their experience in person, and even post positive comments on your social media pages. This type of engagement must be earned through value. Shoppers need to be inspired, educated, entertained or assisted in using the product to find this level of connection with a brand.

Vegetable-Noodles-Family-with-Label-2The Importance of Brand Values

First, communicate the values your brand holds dear. Even product specific values. This information is communicated through association logos, on-theme product photography, and of course, label copy. Selling vegetable noodles? Communicate that it’s a fresh, healthy, and quality product by using imagery that connects shoppers to a clean, professional restaurant environment. So, whether they realize it or not, they understand the values of the product with a single glance.

Bissell Cast & Cure - Great Lakes LabelInnovative Labeling Techniques

So, how do you design a label that looks beautiful enough to enthusiastically promote? Enhance it with labeling techniques. There’s so many to choose from, so consider the purpose they hold. Create more realistic images with embossing and foiling. These classic techniques make your sunshine motif glisten in the light, or your metallic bolt graphics pop off the surface. Then, create a more unique dimension with tactile coatings. Or, leave your competition in the dust by using unique, holographic techniques like Motion Coat and Cast & Cure, seen above. These techniques not only glimmers in the light, but they create nostalgic and positive subconscious connections.


sample beer label with a consistent brand voice online marketers and on social media

E-Commerce Presentation Can’t Be Shrugged Off

It’s important to find consistency in your in-person and online experience. Shoppers need to easily find your product and your storefront, but they also need to recognize it’s the official page. Consistent branding, copy voice, and imagery help with that.

Plus, how your techniques appear online is crucial. This not only highlights the design elements but offers an authentic, transparent shopping experience. When the product arrives on your customer’s doorstep, they’ll want to know exactly what’s inside.

All Label Gator booklet stlye labels printed by Great Lakes Label 6Booklet-Style Labels

Booklet-style labels offer more content space to expand on helpful information or to provide translations. Plus, when customers open up the label, it engages the emotions on a haptic level. Now, they are not only delighted by the satisfaction of being able to open up the label, but the information inside provides added value. This is a simple way to even step above your competition and stand out. Offering simple tutorials inside is another way to turn shoppers into your marketers.


wetstick label - great lakes label - strong label stocks for photo ready packaging

Durability in All Conditions

No customer is going to become your marketer when the label is peeling off the container. Use water-resistant labels like The WetStick™ featuring an adhesive chemistry so strong, you can apply labels underwater. Don’t skimp out. Go for quality stocks and labeling options that last well past the grocery aisle. When you don’t invest in quality, loyal customers post undesirable pictures of your disintegrating pool-side label. That’s not very re-postable. So, do yourself and your customers that favor. This also goes for heat resistant labels, using UV inks and on and on.


Subway Snapchat label with pull tab Great Lakes Label 3

Labeling Technology

Lastly, labeling technology like NFC (Near Field Communication), QR codes, and even hashtags connect customers to more value. Send shoppers to your custom created video tutorials, blog posts, and apps that offer inspiration, information, and community connection. This goes a long way in finding even more value and longevity with a product. Plus, when the information provides more fulfillment, customers will come back for more. Take the extra step, go above and beyond your competition, and the return on investment will show. Plus, the physical engagement with the packaging engages the senses in a similar way that labeling techniques do. This may just be the very thing that turns your customer into your very own marketer.


Learn more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers.  We offer a variety of inks and coatings that create a label that excites customers. Download our e-book, The Resource Guide To All Things Inks & Coatings.

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Customer Spotlight: Deering’s Jerky

Customer Spotlight: Deering’s Jerky

Deering’s Jerky is a Traverse City, Michigan brand that highlights the local aspect of their brand. It personalizes the brand design for Michiganders, creating a personal touch. So, naturally, it offers a more engaging label design for their shoppers. This is most apparent in the image of Traverse City from the sky, but also with the incorporation of a National Cherry Festival logo.

deering's jerky Label


Deering’s Jerky Label Keeps It Personal

Instead of conveying a variety of messages in the label design, Deering’s Jerky highlights two main values. This is a local brand also uses all natural ingredients. Without saying it, these two identifiers mark their products as handcrafted items. So, the products feel (and taste) like it was made specifically for each customer. This makes the product design even seem more approachable. As though customers are able to build a relationship with the whole team.


Learn more about what Great Lakes Label offers and how to incorporate various techniques into your label design. Download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

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Revive Your Brand With Low-Cost Label Design Changes

Revive Your Brand With Low-Cost Label Design Changes

Why revive your brand if it’s not yet dead? Well, according to this Food Processing article, you may actually be killing it without realizing it. Don’t worry, while the article offers ways to reverse the damage, we also have some solutions of our own. Better still, these options are simple, low-cost options the whole team will stand behind. Empower your brand with creative solutions and reconnect with your customers on an authentic level.


How do labels revive a brand?

Part of the issue is that customers have an overwhelming amount of choice in the grocery store aisle. When budgets are cut and attention is drawn away from customer needs, it becomes even harder to understand what they want. Luckily, there are some low-cost changes for labels that reconnect you with the customer. The label is the first thing customers see from your brand. Make sure it leaves a lasting impact and clearly communicates what your brand has to offer.


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Calls To Action Bring Data For Rerouting

A call to action (also known as a CTA) is a prompt designed to influence customers to engage further with your brand. So, this is a subscribe button at the end of a video, a social media button at the end of an article, or even a “click the link in the bio” line in an Instagram post description. When research budgets are cut, consider how an evergreen call to action brings invaluable data for a fraction of the cost. Also, consider how small of a space it requires. A simple link, hashtag, or QR code does the trick.


Feedback Through Linked Surveys

A short, basic link typed out, a QR code or even an NFC (Near Field Communication) technology are all great ways to link an evergreen customer feedback survey. All on its own, the survey constantly brings invaluable information. While the link or code won’t change, the questions are able to continuously switch depending on the needs of the brand. So, the label design isn’t changed every time the survey does. This too eliminates cost, in printing.


Collect Data Using Social Media

Social media icons and hashtags alike connect users to the brands they love. So, add them to your labels (especially usernames or “handles”) so customers know where to go to provide feedback. Even a picture of someone using the product is feedback. It demonstrates they care about the brand and the way in which they enjoy it. Again, brand profiles and branded hashtags are evergreen content that doesn’t take up much space on a label. Use it to your advantage.

To collect data, review what people are saying about your brand at a consistent rate and respond. Don’t only review your notifications, but search your company name without the @ to find underground feedback. This free, accessible solution doesn’t even cost much time to engage with.


With No Ad Budget, Make Brand Values Crystal Clear

Part of the struggle is understanding what customers are looking for from your brand. While that’s understandable, first ensure your brand is clearly communicating its values. This doesn’t just mean following regulations and showcasing the product in an appealing way. Demonstrate your brand has a sense of humor, or focusses on environmentally friendly production, or even offers luxury products in a well-rounded way. When customers receive mixed messages from a brand, they’ll continue looking elsewhere. When a brand communicates a strong cohesive brand message that matches their interest, they’ll stop for a closer look. Consider the colors, the product photography, the copy, and graphics you choose. They all impact how customers are viewing the messages you  believe to be most important.

Meijer R&D Trail Mix & Nuts Bag LabelsEmphasize Details With Innovative Labeling Techniques

Take the design you already have and add foiling, tactile coatings, or other innovative techniques to enhance it. Engaging the senses by creating haptic labels creates nostalgic and subconscious positive connections to your brand. Plus, when techniques like foiling, Cast & Cure, or Motion Coat shine in the light, it draws customer attention away from your competition and onto your product. Without gathering feedback, or enduring a redesign process, the label takes on new life. These details also enhance and draw attention to key components of the brand’s values. Want to make sure customers know your eyeshadow is cruelty-free? Foil and emboss the message for dramatic effect.


moya wine label - wine traders - great lakes label - revive labels with recycled stock

Upgrade Stocks To Focus on Sustainability

Again, communicate a focus on sustainability by using sustainable label stocks. The logos are small and easy to add to any label also. For handcrafted and luxury products, this also emphasizes the high-quality nature of the product. It demonstrates attention is paid to every single part of the production process.

Add Value Beyond The Point of Sale

Use labeling technology to link customers to helpful and engaging videos, blogs, and web pages. This builds a relationship beyond the grocery store aisle and makes it easier for customers to provide feedback (by means of the page you link them to bringing them to a contact page or any feedback box). It’s a call to action that designed to offer the customer more, instead of a brand asking for something from the customer. It reminds them that your brand is focussed on bringing them the best product in your industry and that you care about their experience.


Learn how to use marketing strategies to create labels that will delight customers! Download our e-book, The Marketing Guide here.

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Customer Spotlight: OmegaSea, LLC

Customer Spotlight: OmegaSea, LLC

OmegaSea is dedicated to bringing their customers the highest quality fish food in the world. Their method, even seen in the below video, offers the freshest and most wholesome possible ingredients. Each bottle is produced with care, also creating a happy and healthy environment for your aquarium.


The Omega One Story

18 years ago in Sitka, Alaska, two brothers invented and patented the process of making fish foods from whole, fresh seafood. Watch for a behind the scenes look at how Omega One got started, and discover what continues to drive us forward.


OmegaSea & Their Labeling Designs

Learn even more about the fishing and product’s production process in the below video.

The Omega One Benefits

Learn what makes Omega One Fish Food so different, and how it can change your entire aquarium for the better.

Natural ingredients are important. So, that’s why each label clearly states “Natural Seafood Formula” on the logo seal at the top of each label design. Each of the labels also features bold, vibrant colors. These color schemes make the products pop off the shelf. On top of this, the vibrant fish reflect the real-life results the natural ingredients will produce in your fish tank.

OmegaSea One Fish Food Label by Great Lakes Label

Learn even more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers. Now that you’ve learned the design basics, also take your vision to the next level. So, download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

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Tell A Story With (Or On) Your Label

Tell A Story With (Or On) Your Label

Every company has a story. In fact, every company has many stories. There’s the history of the brand as a whole as well as all the smaller, more specific stories along the way. On top of these personal anecdotes, there are the stories worth sharing that have nothing to do with your brand’s development. Instead, the story’s purpose is to connect with your customers on a deeper level.

So, what kind of stories are we talking about?

There’s story of why the customer is using your product, there’s folklore, and pop culture references that represent your company’s branding. Or, even the story customers make up for your brand when they look at your label. Haptic labeling techniques play a role in bringing this immersive story to life. More on that later…

Even by controlling the story your packaging tells, you don’t control how your customers will interpret it. Instead, you communicate your core principles. You develop an overall impression of the company’s capabilities, focus, and what drives it forward. It connects your brand to your customers on a deeper level right there in the grocery store aisle. Instant impact.


Great Lakes Label's R&D Chardonnay Label with story - left sideGreat Lakes Label's R&D Chardonnay Label with story - centerGreat Lakes Label's R&D Chardonnay Label with story - right side

Tell a Story On Your Packaging With or Without Words

Uncle Ray’s potato chips are the perfect example of a brand using packaging space to write a story. Each flavor offers a different piece of the puzzle, enticing customers to buy another bag. Better still, each short story provides a clear picture of Ray and his core values as a business owner. You get to know the person while you get to know the brand.

Stories don’t have to be told with words, however. Take a look at the above R&D label designed by Great Lakes Label. This design features a local photographer’s beautiful image of a lighthouse on one of Michigan’s Great Lakes. Imagine being a Michigan-based customer looking at this label in-store. The picture communicates that the brand supports local artists, is a proud Michigan business, hopes that you, the buyer, will feel relaxed and carefree when drinking. It’s as though you’re at this beach just by using the product.

These three pieces of story-oriented information are communicated with single a glance. That is the power of using impactful imagery. In this case, it’s only effective for Michiganders, but never the less, the principles still apply for a national or international product release.


Labeling 101 Resource Center blog button Great Lakes Label - high quality

Add A Linked Story With Technology

QR codes are a free and simple method for linking your customers to content on your website. Instead of telling stories with words, or pictures, tell yours with video. A simple behind the scenes look at how the product their holding was made provides the customer with valuable insight and builds the brand’s relationship with them.


Other innovative labeling technologies such as NFC (Near Field Communication) and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) are used to provide customers with a more seamless experience. When NFC is turned on on a customer’s phone, they are automatically linked to the page of your choosing. This happens the second their phone comes in contact with the product’s label. Instead of downloading a QR code reader, the process is streamlined.


How Craft Beer Brands Excel At Storytelling in Their Label Designs

Craft breweries are masters at incorporating storytelling into label design. Take a look at the three Perrin labels above. Do they give you a sense of the company’s brand? Their fun, playful, rebellious style with brewing? Each label is vastly different. Different colors, graphics, art styles. Yet, there’s a connecting thread. The story they’re telling. With clear direction, customers will see the message too. Even on a subconscious level, customers will be drawn to the stories they relate to.

This also means that a broad story isn’t a strong story. Pinpoint what your brand’s principles are and show them off. This may connect to a broad group of people, and each person will interpret it differently, but the message is at least connecting with shoppers. Broad stories lack direction and will attract fewer people.


Use Innovative Labeling Techniques to Enhance Your Story

As the luxury market increases, the use of innovative labeling techniques also increases in popularity. The use of foiling, embossing, or any other technique shows customers that an immense amount of care is put into creating the product. This is why labeling techniques are becoming more popular for handcrafted items as well. Since it’s hard to visualize the impact of various techniques, we’ve created a blog to show you what a difference it makes.

Okay, so what do the below labels tell you? Does this tequila feel expensive? Handcrafted? Unique? Perhaps you’re envisioning a special occasion it would be perfect for. Or, maybe you see a specific person in mind. Someone who would love to open a bottle up as a gift. It’s all about igniting their imagination. Make it so that shoppers can’t resist picking up your product and examining the label.

The techniques support the stories customers see when they look at your product. This is because it elevates your brand and fully encapsulates the appeal to the product. When the labels are effective, so is the ability to connect with your customers with a single glance. It also helps that techniques like MotionCoat and Cast & Cure shimmer in the light.

What story are you telling?


Learn more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers. Now that you’ve learned the design basics, take your vision to the next level. Download our e-book, Complete Labeling Solutions.

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