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3 Ways to Design Labeling Easter Eggs

3 Ways to Design Labeling Easter Eggs

Labeling Easter eggs are semi-hidden features that allow customers to connect dots, reveal a design element, or further engage with a brand. So, it’s there purely to create a story, or to delight shoppers. However simple it may seem, it still has the potential to be a powerful labeling design tool for building a loyal following.


Labeling Easter Eggs Improve Shopper Engagement

People like feeling like an insider, and solving a puzzle, or spotting something others don’t catch. When you incorporate Easter eggs, shoppers will be more inclined to spend time with your item in-store and physically engage with it. Then, this increases their chances of purchasing the product.

Don Anselmo face labeling easter eggs with tactile coating- Label by Great Lakes Label1. Use Inks & Coatings to Reveal Details

Transparent coatings add texture to a product and reveal their design in the light. So, when shoppers walk by the item, it glistens, revealing itself. Another way to add a shimmering reveal is by using neon inks, glow in the dark inks or ice white inks.

Shipwreck wine label - Great Lakes Label2. Incorporate Hidden Designs

Of course, hidden designs are easiest to incorporate by shrinking the motif down for a patterned background. However, if one of your labels features a pirate ship, incorporate it into your next design by having a massive sea creature crush it in its grip. Not only does this make for a unique Easter egg, but it incorporates storytelling and a touch of humor into your label design.


3. Use Labeling Technology to Link Customers to Fun, Lighthearted Content

Or take the customer off the label and use hidden NFC technology, a QR code, or even a simple QR code to link them to bonus content. This content could include behind the scenes video, a humorous blog tutorial for using your product, or a game app specifically designed for your products.


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