The Agri Scan™ Software

Whether it’s labor, pay rate or bin management, the Agri Scan™ desktop program has all the customizable functions you need to track your operation’s performance. Fully report by crop, job, field, employee and all combinations. With Agri Scan™ you’re not tied down to only one management feature. Agri Scan™ gives you the tools you need to make decisions with the most accurate data available.

Agri Scan™ works by scanning a barcode assigned to each employee. Information on hours worked, or units worked, is automatically logged into your company’s payroll and accounting software. A durable bin label is printed on the spot with the recorded information from a mobile label printer. Agri Scan™ allows you to have full access to immediate payroll and produce traceability information.

  • Process payroll data to calculate total pay, total pieces, total hours and average wage
  • Create payroll receipts
  • Calculate overtime if needed and manage minimum wage guarantees if needed
  • Create and edit crop, job, field and employee codes
  • Sync code data with scanners and pull scanned entries into the system
  • Edit or enter payroll detail lines


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