The Label Gator™ Brand

Great Lakes Label LLC distributes The Label Gator™, an automated print & apply labeling system for the horticultural industry. The Label Gator™ was developed with the vision to meet new demands growers are faced with, from retailers and “big box” stores.

Great Lakes Label LLC has formulated specific label constructions that are necessary for the unique horticultural labeling environments. Growers have seen a reduction of labeling issues after working with our research and development team to construct a label applicator that best suits their needs.

The Label Gator Brand

Weed Out Labor Costs, Grow Profits

The Label Gator™ allows growers to:

  • Cut labor costs
  • Reduce container inventory
  • React quickly to constantly changing label requirements

Click here to visit our Label Gator Brand™ website to learn more about the brand. Read real stories from growers who have experienced the Label Gator™ difference.

Label Gator Two-Sided Labeling System

This video is about the Label Gator Two-sided labeling system. You are able to pots down the conveyor, where they are then labeled fast & efficiently with our application system

Label Gator Propagation Labeler

The Label Gator in action for propagation labeling


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