The Need for Speed

In today’s day and age, many things are automated and speedier than ever. This standard of speed has become expected in just about everything now.

We long for the fastest loading phones and computers. We expect quick deliveries directly to our doors with our groceries now. We want fast & immediate customer service, which we can now get immediately online with a chat-box rather than waiting on hold on the phone for about an hour.

The need for speed and automation is growing larger as technology advances every year.

This is true for the labeling & packaging industry as well. 

Here at Great Lakes Label, we can meet your needs with our many presses, printers, & rewinders. We have a 2 week lead time for your label orders. We ensure the best quality and speed with our state of the art equipment. 

We also distribute & service custom label applicators for ALTech Labeling Technologies, CTM Labeling Systems, and Universal Labeling Systems. With these applicators, we can ensure your labeling process will speed up! 

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We also manufacture, service, and sell our very own brand, (specifically designed for the horticulture industry) the Label Gator Systems. These machines print and apply labels on-demand, which speeds up the labeling and packaging process. The Label Gator also reduces labor costs & inventory, is more sustainable, and more dependable than printing and hand applying labels. 

label gator, speed,  system, machine

While increased speed and production is a plus with these machines, so is the time you will save, and the quality of your products in the end. The automated printing & labeling increases the look of your products, due to reduced labeling errors & consistent label placement. 

Check out our page here today and learn more about automating your labeling process!

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