When is it Time To Update Your Labels?

When is it Time To Update Your Labels?

As the luxury packaging market grows, the need to stay competitive is essential. This may mean that new designs and redesigns need to be rolled out. That said, there are many ways to stay competitive while also maintaining brand aesthetic. So, when, and what, do you update?

Peony With and Without Techniques

Keep The Design, Update The Techniques

We’ve previously looked at how techniques improve a design with before and after comparisons. It demonstrates how these techniques will look like in person, and also the drastic impact it makes on the same design. So, when a design becomes outdated, stale, or lackluster (in comparison to new labels printed by competition), add foiling, embossing, or other innovative labeling techniques to easily elevate the design.

Temporary Changes & Testing

A&B Testing

Instead of rolling out a new design in full, test new design features and gather data on what customers gravitate toward. This is A/B Testing and it has the potential to make intelligent design roll-out decisions, or even measure whether the design should change, to begin with.

Heineken Label by Great Lakes Label for a label update

Promotional Labels

Test new color schemes, labeling techniques, or branding with promotional labels such as IRCs (Instant Redeemable Coupons). Gather customer feedback, and other data without making major changes to the established product design.  It also allows for seasonal interest and creating a buzz around new product releases.

A Completely New Label Design

Lastly, there’s the option to fully commit to a completely new design. This particularly impacts new products and new businesses. When a new design is rolled out, the best way to make a competitive label is by considering standard design rules, adhering to regulations, using classic, long-standing aesthetic trends, representing brand values in an explicit and symbolic way, as well as using innovative techniques to elevate the design. This way, you give the label the best chance possible to catch customers’ eyes and establish authenticity.


Learn more about the labeling solutions Great Lakes Label offers.  We offer a variety of inks and coatings that create a label that excites customers. Download our e-book, The Resource Guide To All Things Inks & Coatings.

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