Top 5 Labeling Innovations of 2016

Top 5 Labeling Innovations of 2016

Check out these Top 5 Labeling Innovations of 2016. We look back at some of the most promising trends, ideas, and even techniques over the past year. However, are these trends unfamiliar? Scroll all the way to the bottom for more information on each one also. Links to previous blogs covering these topics provided.

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1. Technology & Accessibility

Braille Labels

A fantastic way to create a more inclusive label is by adding braille. Because it can simply be added using tactile coating. Braille helps potential customers understand your product as well as makes it accessible.

Smart Labels

Smart labels primarily use RFID technology. These labels aid the customer in getting the most out of their purchase. Instead of the standard, it creates a more engaging, personal, helpful experience.

Booklet-Style Labels

Booklet-style labels open up to reveal more information in addition to the front panel. This technique is perfect for the horticulture label since it can require a lot of information on caring for a plant. Tri-Panel labels come in many shapes and sizes also. Contact us for more information.


2. Adjusting to Anti-Packaging

Edible Packaging

Developments have been made to create packaging out of milk proteins. This discovery may also be instrumental in the anti-packaging movement. Which, if you haven’t heard yet, is a movement geared toward eliminating packaging. Therefore, it aims to create a more sustainable future.

Sustainable Materials

In addition, materials that are biodegradable are coming to the forefront. So are labeling materials that come from sustainable sources. All of this progress aims for a greener world instead of a disposable oriented one.


3. Minimalism

Label Design

Minimalistic label design has been a hot trend for a while now. So, naturally, this design style has been as strong as ever in 2016. This simplification takes the focus away from flashy images and onto the product.


In lieu of the anti-packaging movement, removing unnecessary packaging has become a hot topic. Many find this wasteful and unnecessary. Some claim it helps keep produce fresh. It seems as innovations are made in packaging materials, this side of the industry may go through some significant changes.


4. A New Generation

Gen Z Personalizes Shopping

Gen Z is a generation that thrives off of personal interactions, especially online. This generation is shaping the way we label and package products. Using smart technology can be instrumental in getting that personal touch.


5. Luxury Style

Techniques Improve Rising Trend

The luxury packaging market is increasing. With it, labeling techniques become important in making your product stand out.  From embossing to foiling, to MotionCoat, we have something for every luxury item.

Learn even more about how our labeling solutions can increase sales. So, download The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques.

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