Top Label & Packaging Trends of 2019

Knowing the trends of the past, and what is to come in the market, is extremely important for labeling and packaging professionals.

Here are the past trends of 2019! 

First impression: 

First impressions are extremely important, as many people do not take much time to decide if they want to look at a product longer and read about it or buy it, versus just walking right by it on the shelf. 

Some key packaging trends from the past year include: 

label & packaging trends - bold colors
  • Bold colors –
    • They make an impact and grab the consumer’s attention 
  • Creativity –
    • A creative package or label is more likely to spark interest 
  • Sustainability –
    • In today’s day and age, sustainability and the environment are a high priority
  • Less is more –
    • Having an extremely cluttered label or package will generally make the consumer pass on learning more about your product. 
  • History repeats itself –
    • More often than not, different trends always make their way back around. It is important to know what trends happened and which ones are new or coming back around. 
  • Transparency –
    • Consumers like transparency since it creates more trust and honesty between them and your brand. 
  • Sell the experience –
    • It is important to intrigue your consumers and give them an experience along with the product. 
  • Your cause –
    • When creating a label or package it is important to know your audience and the purpose of the product. 

Design Trends: 

Some design trends for labels this year have been: 

  • Minimalism –
    • Once again, less is more. 
  • Unconventional / unique designs –
    • Use a design that will attract your audience. Having fun or uncommon designs can ensure your products will stand out. 
  • Neutral colors –
    • This past year, earthy and neutral shades have been a hit. 

Overall 2019 trends that will continue: 

Perrin Label by Great Lakes Label
  • Better graphics, labels, and packaging –
    • Higher quality looking products give your product a better shelf presence. 
  • Environmental awareness –
    • Keep looking for ways to make your company and packaging more sustainable
  • Changes in E-Commerce –
    • Many businesses are now creating E-Commerce sites. 

Check out older trends from the past:


2017Labels & Packaging


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