Transparent Film – #TechniqueTuesday

Try using transparent film with your labels today! This design technique gives your label a unique & modern look, that consumers are sure to enjoy.

When using clear film for your labels, it allows the consumer to see the product itself. This is beneficial, because you can clearly display your brand and your product at the same time.

Using Clear Film Stock:

Here we can see this with the Guava below. It is packaged in a clear clamshell container and with a label printed on transparent film so that we can see the branding & product all at once.

transparent film guava label

While this technique is great for food labels so that buyers can see the food itself and want to buy it even more, it is also great for beverage labels.

When a clear film is used on bottles, it gives them a nice and clean look. You can print on transparent film like you can with any other stocks, so the options and print are unlimited. Like with food, someone is more likely to buy a beverage with a clear label in a clear bottle that allows them to view the drink itself, than one that does not.

Above, you can see how the clear film works on both, clear or dark bottles. It brings a different feel to each bottle. Both pop & stand out in a unique way.

“Transparency is Key”

You can also use transparent film, and bottles to create a 3-Dimensional look. Below, you can see how the front of the label is clear & simple and allows you to see into the bottle, at the product. The background within the bottle, however, has an image that could have been the background of the original label, but instead you can see the front clear label, the product inside the bottle, & the image in the back, all at once. This creates a cool 3D-like look.

tequila labels clear film

The use of transparent film for labels has also become recently popular because trust and transparency are key. Trust is increased since nothing is hidden from the consumer. They can see the branding, information, full label, and product – all at once. This makes them trust the brand and product more, whether or not they realize it.

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Use this technique and provide a luxury look for your brand & label! 

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