So, you want to enhance what you offer for label engagement. Do something unique and unpredictable. Entice customers into picking up your product in the grocery store aisle by doing something your competition isn’t. Provide them with a value they can’t get anywhere else.

10. Link To Music Recommendations

Like a secret menu or a speakeasy bar, link to an unmentioned musical recommendation using NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. No matter what your product is, it’s likely that music can be enjoyed while your customer uses the product. So, partner with musicians local to the area your product is shipping to. Or, generally, create a promotion for recognizing underground artists in the most underground way.


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9. Show a New Way To Re-Use The Packaging On Each Label

Create a small graphic that promotes sustainability by highlighting a new way to repurpose the product. Or, re-enforce brand humor by making the solution completely ridiculous each time. Still, this particularly makes sense when using sustainable labeling stocks. Instead of walking the walk, first, talk the talk.


8. Use Techniques to Create a Magic Eye Style Design

Or any visual trick, really. Start with a smart concept that requires a second look. Then, enhance it with foiling, a tactile coating, Motion Coat, and even Cast & Cure. This is a sure-fire way to get people picking up your product to take a closer look. It even creates a nostalgic positive association that then, in turn, is associated with your brand. With texture, the haptic aspect of the design also creates positive, subconscious associations.


7. Link To Something Random, Yet Related to The Brand

Some brands lean into random, irreverent humor to their advantage. If you’re a craft beer brand, linking to information on how beer is made, beer memes, viral videos featuring beer, or pictures of hops are all worth surprising your customers with. Better still, instead of getting permission to use random user-generated content, create your own. Faux memes, faux viral videos, behind the scenes pictures, cartoon panel style jokes, etc. Offer something completely personal and unique that customers won’t see anywhere else. Better still, your product will be in it every single time.


6. Include Funny & Peculiar Reviews

Did you get a strange or goofy review? Share it! When you include silly product reviews you reveal that you’re a laidback brand with a sense of humor. Plus, it shows customers that you’re connected to the community and, for better or worse, their feedback will be heard. In fact, it may provide encouragement for customers to leave more reviews.

glitter actega sheet Label by Great Lakes Label - increasing label engagement

5. Interesting, Outlandish Textures Promote Label Engagement

Increase label engagement on a tactile level by including unconventional textures. Glitter, Grit Coat, Motion Coat, and even Tactile Screen offer unique textures customers will want to pick up and touch. So, add sand castles, glitter dresses, and shining plant details that benefit from such techniques.


4. The Opposite of a Vintage Resurgance

Be a trendsetter. Instead of doing a vintage resurgence and re-using past designs, create packaging you anticipate for the future. Get outrageous. The more humor, the better. Will materials be sustainable? Will the shape of the packaging change? Does the label itself also fold into a bow? Of course, abide by regulations, but instead of looking back, take a step forward.


3. Profile The End Users

Sometimes owners write their bio for the product’s label. Or, sometimes the company’s team members show up to provide a more personal touch. While these are great ideas, why not take it a step further? What’s more personal than highlighting the stories your customers have to tell? Consider how these stories are displayed. Should they be written out on the label, or linked using a QR code for blog content on your website? It’s even simple enough to get these stories. Either request them through the use of a hashtag, an email or a direct social media message. Community content is right there at your fingertips, so go get it!


2. Origami Booklet-Style Labels

The booklet-style label peels for a reason. While it offers extended content space, it also offers the ability to be repurposed into something beautiful. Include a simple guide for turning the cover into an origami animal. This is especially perfect for kids’ products. Once they’re done playing with toy dough, they can then turn the label into a boat for their dough fisherman. Instead of giving customers easy content, gamify the process and let them get creative with it. The hands-on approach is fun and laid back. So, don’t take things so seriously. Allow some space for play.


1. A Global Chain of Giving

Can you add a link to your label that provides customers the opportunity to buy the product again, but this time, for someone they care about? Maybe it’s a coffee for a colleague, lipstick for a friend, or golf balls for a family member. Give people the opportunity to pass on some generosity. A simpler method is to create a chain of compliments using a hashtag, or by linking to a post on social media people can peruse at their leisure. Even strangers will complement other strangers when prompted. All they need is the idea to join in by complimenting someone else in the comments after checking out their profile. Use your label engagement for good.


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