3 Unique Needs For Chemical Labeling

3 Unique Needs For Chemical Labeling

Chemical labeling covers a wide range of products such as household cleaning products, industrial containers or live saving tools like a fire extinguisher. Each product has its own needs specific to its industry and labeling the packaging will require various solutions. Here are three things to keep in mind to create a durable label that meets regulatory standards.

Fire Extinguisher chemical labeling

3. Heat Resistant Chemical Labeling

In the case of fire extinguisher labeling, heat resistance is key. It’s imperative the label does not immediately peel off after being exposed to heat. Labels need to withstand high temperatures if the product itself gets hot at any point.

2. Water Resistance

For household cleaning products, it’s important that the labels can last through exposure to water. That’s why the WetStick label is a fantastic option. Apply these labels underwater and see just how water resistant they are! From the first to last use, your customers need a label that displays health warnings, helpful information and branding.


Peeling or bubbling labels do not provide a professional grade look that customers will want to see from their cleaning products. Losing the label completely after water exposure is frustrating for both the brand and the customer. Create a label they can count on.

1. Label Design Regulations

From warning symbols to instructions on using the product, regulations for your product vary per industry and per location. Getting these correct is not just important for your brand, but for the customer as well. When all is said and done, you may not have much room for creative design. A booklet style label is a great option to expand your content. With extra pages, you can offer customers more in depth information, links to videos, or a brief tutorial.


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