WATCH: Innovative Labeling Techniques

WATCH: Innovative Labeling Techniques

Innovative labeling techniques will create a luxury look. They also enhance the customer experience and direct the eye to the design. It allows customers to take in every detail, which only means that they spend more time engaging with your product and your brand.

Peony hand soap label with mirafoil - Great Lakes Label
Great Lakes Label’s R&D Label Featuring MiraFoil Peony

Foiling In Design

When designing a label, foiling can act as a highlight for important information. It is a classic technique, but one that is especially effective in bringing the attention toward the company’s logo. There are three different types of foiling. Cold foil, hot stamp, and MiraFoil. In the below video and e-book, learn which kind is right for your design.

Try Something New

Keep reading, and check out the below video, to see some techniques you haven’t heard of before. There is a myriad of ways to give your label a realistic lace look, icicle texture, or sunset glow. Foiling is great, and will always hold a place in label design, but it’s equally important to try something your competition isn’t. Show customers your luxury brand takes it’s packaging seriously. Have a handcrafted product? Create a realistic leather look, emboss a wood pattern onto your text, or a simple, matte look. The first step is understanding what techniques are out there. Then, use them.

Labeling 101 Resource Center blog button Great Lakes Label - high quality

Images Vs. Videos

Labels with multiple techniques are difficult to capture in pictures.  The light may capture foil, but not the texture of the tactile screen. The customer gets an immersive experience in the store, but online? Not so much. How do you know what will work well together without holding it in your hand and watching it catch the light? Images are often good, but videos are better. That’s why we created a video so you can see how each innovative labeling technique appears in real life.

It’s similar to how customers see your brand. One dimensional and dull labels aren’t engaging. But, labels that glisten in the light or have cashmere-soft texture make them want to pick up your product. It’s called “sensory marketing” and that’s a concept we’ll dive into further in a minute.


Great Lakes Label’s Innovative Labeling Techniques

In the below video, you will learn about the following innovative labeling techniques, and how they can enhance your packaging design.


Great Lakes Label’s Innovative Labeling Techniques

Great Lakes Label offers a variety of innovative labeling techniques that we create using the flexographic label press.

Great Lakes Label’s Innovative Labeling Techniques Video Transcript


“Great Lakes Label offers a variety of innovative labeling techniques. Take a look at how they can enhance your design.


MiraFoil is a foiling technique which excels at intricate and detailed designs. While MiraFoil can be used on a larger scale, the precision of this ink based foil is what truly sets it apart from other foiling techniques.

Cold Foil and Hot Stamp are both foiling techniques that produce a brilliant shine. Both of these techniques press the foil material onto the label.

Tactile Screen creates a raised effect without creating an inversion on the other side of the stock. It works brilliantly with intricate and detailed designs and can create a realistic texture.

Unlike Tactile Screen, Embossing does create an inversion on the other side of the stock. It also works best with larger details and creates more visible protrusion.

Rotary Screen makes raised and glistening details without imprinting the stock.

Cast & Cure is a technique that creates a holographic look. This 3D aesthetic is pressed onto the label, similar to Hot Stamp, and can cover any portion of the stock.

Soft Touch creates a cashmere-soft texture. While the technique is not visible, with a touch, it is immediately apparent.

When it catches the light, Motion Coat shines like no other. The technique can be applied in various ways, creating lines, curves, and even lightning bolts.

The tri-panel label is a booklet style labeling option that provides your design with more room to spread out.

End Screen

Thank you for watching this video on labeling techniques offered by Great Lakes Label. By clicking the annotation, you can download our e-book on the labeling techniques mentioned. It will provide you with even more information and innovative examples. If you have any questions, contact us using the on-screen annotation, or at [email protected]

Great Lakes Label's Innovative Labeling Techniques Info Graphic

This handy chart demonstrates which techniques offer which characteristics.


The Complete Guide to Innovative Labeling Techniques

Now that you have watched our video on the innovative labeling techniques offered by Great Lakes Label, check out our e-book! It also discusses how sensory marketing engages customers and entices them to buy your product. Learn what that means for your brand, and how these techniques come into play to create an enticing design. See how creating realistic, or engaging textures, as well as visually interesting design, draws in customers. Get people excited about your product by getting them excited about your packaging.

The Complete Guide To Innovative Labeling Techniques E-Book Cover
The Complete Guide To Innovative Labeling Techniques E-Book Cover

If you’ve already gleaned what you can about our techniques, we have something even more exiting to offer you. Learn more about the techniques Great Lakes Label offers by holding them in your hand.  See how we can offer your brand a luxury, or handcrafted, and realistic look. Fill out this quick form to get label samples sent straight to your door.


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