The WetStick™ Label Spotlight

The WetStick™ Label Spotlight

The WetStick™ Label is a water resistant and durable label that can even be applied underwater. Over at Label Gator’s website, we looked at how this innovation is ideal for greenhouses.  Here we’ll be looking more at other industries and the way the WetStick™ Label can also enhance the longevity of your packaging.


The WetStick™ Label Is Also Ice Resistant

Are you creating a label that will need to withstand freezing temperatures? The WetStick™ Label is ideal for your needs. It works even if you have an ice cream container that goes in and out of the freezer after developing condensation. With our trademarked label stock, you never have to worry about your packaging looking cheap and peeling off the product.

wetstick label - great lakes label

It Also Adheres Well to Textured Surfaces

As you can see in the below image, this technique adheres to every nook and cranny of a textured surface. Even without applying pressure, and making the label forming to the container’s every curve, time and time again it will adhere. In fact, take this as a challenge! No surface is too challenging for this hardy label.

This makes it so that the WetStick™ can be used with any label applicator at any stage in production. Don’t waste time applying labels by hand! An applicator will save time, money and labor.


The WetStick™ Label

Introducing WetStick™, the first water proof label of its kind designed specifically for the horticulture industry. Apply your label to wet surfaces without undermining the adhesive. Let’s Face It, Your Labels Will Get Wet From rain to watering tunnels, your pressure sensitive labels need to withstand moisture. Now they can.


Live Long And Prosper

External or internal use, we have you covered. Decorative labels are just as important as practical ones! Keep track of product information and ensure clear communication at every stage. Even shipping labels get wet and torn. Use a label you can count on.




For more information on how the WetStick™ Label and other labeling innovations can work for your brand, contact us today!

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