How Will Gen Z Impact Packaging?

How Will Gen Z Impact Packaging?

As we have already explored, shopping is heading online and we may continue to see this pattern grow with Gen Z.  We’re already seeing that this is a generation who is connecting to YouTube personalities and their products. Their shopping habits may be online, but also require a more personal touch.

Gen Z using technology - A photo by Steinar La Engeland.
A photo by Steinar La Engeland.


Some YouTube personalities sell products like monthly subscription boxes, phone apps and games as well as books, clothing lines and cosmetics. These young shoppers build a connection with the content creators before buying their products. They take the concept of friendly businesses to the next level.


We’re already at a stage where businesses are encouraged to be more open, transparent and personal with their customers. It’s looking like this culture will continue to grow.


So, how will this affect labeling?


The more businesses require a personal touch, the more packaging itself will require something more personal as well. We’ve seen that the Coca-Cola labels with names was a huge success, and with the rise of digital printing, more individual packaging may grow. QR codes are also still very useful on labels, but the shoppers may be looking to use these codes for a more personal experience.


Imagine this…

You’re a beauty vlogger. As you are releasing your new cosmetic line, you can now create unique labels that are as individual as your viewers. You can also add a QR code to your packaging that links the shopper to an unlisted video tutorial on how to apply your product. Thus creating a full circle between marketing and packaging.


By creating an unlisted video your viewers can only access through your product, you are also creating another incentive for your viewers to become shoppers. The video also creates that personal touch that Gen Z may be looking for. The video shows that not only is the product designed to help them, but the labeling is as well. The content creator has the viewers’ best interest at heart in every step of the way.


The best part?

This isn’t just for YouTubers. Any business can take these strategies to create a truly unique experience.



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