December 21st marks the Winter Solstice for the Northern Hemisphere this year.

What is the Winter Solstice?

“The winter solstice occurs once a year in each hemisphere: once in the Northern Hemisphere (in December) and once in the Southern Hemisphere (in June). It marks the start of each hemisphere’s winter season. When one hemisphere is experiencing their winter solstice, the other is simultaneously experiencing their summer solstice!” –

Things can only get brighter from here! 

Since the Earth’s northern hemisphere is tilted the furthest away from the sun on this day – it is considered the “shortest day of the year,” or the day with the least daylight. This means things can literally, only get brighter from this point on, gaining a bit more daylight each day.

Check out a variety of labels below inspired by the winter weather :

winter itch hydrating relief package
Design by: PackagingPro Design
winter hard cider label
Design by: Hightech_IT
winter mint foaming soap label
Design by: Ambrosia Soap Co. 
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