Get Inspired: Witchy Label Design

Get Inspired: Witchy Label Design

Chances are that when you think of witchy shenanigans you think of potions and spells. You also imagine the mystic grabbing for vials and bottles out of their cupboard. That’s why, with Halloween approaching, designs that look like they’ve come straight from a witch’s pantry is incredibly inspirational.

Smakshonning by Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads & Marius Sunde
Front View – Smakshonning by Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads & Marius Sunde
Smakshonning witchy label designs by Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads & Marius Sunde
Side View – Smakshonning by Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads & Marius Sunde


Witchy Smakshonning Honey Label Design by Morten Johansen, Ida Dølplads & Marius Sunde

The purpose of this honey label design is to make every cook feel like a chemist and make their kitchen feel more like a playground. Because of the simplistic nature of the packaging and details like the cork stopper, this product fits right in with the witch aesthetic. The vintage looking plant illustrations also emphasize the creative and natural look. It’s not a spooky, cartoonish label. It’s more like a detailed set piece on a scary movie.

Restored Water Designed by Morgan Sterns
Restored by Morgan Sterns

Restored Water Packaging Designed by Morgan Sterns

This beautifully minimalistic label is on trend and on theme. The mystic looking circles emphasize the witchy nature of the packaging, plus the bright, light grays evoke a “good witch” vibe. Even the tag detail is reminiscent of a label found on an elixir or Alice’s potions in Alice in Wonderland. That said, the circular symbols also represent the water and metal elements in the purification process.

Cullisse Oil Designed by Freddy Taylor
Cullisse by Freddy Taylor

Cullisse Oil Label Designed by Freddy Taylor

These oils, produced by the Mackenzies of Cullisse, set the scene for this challenge to create a label that avoids Scottish clichés. Sometimes Celtic traditions and lore can have a mystic sense about them. It’s because of this that supernatural aesthetics can mimic Celtic symbols and design. It’s no surprise that these dark, minimalistic labels evoke a sense of the otherworldly.


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