Beverage Labels

Captivating labels for any product designed to withstand any condition.

We understand that your bottle’s label must withstand extreme temperatures and provide excellent performance for your customers. Our high quality label adhesives are high performers, achieving your brand’s desired look and feel — encouraging brand recall and edging out your competition.

Adhesive Solutions For Any Label

Great Lakes Label understands that in addition to your label’s ability to sway consumers buying decisions, your label must withstand high manufacturing speeds. Our company works with some of the largest manufacturers, constantly innovating to ensure our pressure sensitive labels provide optimal performance in any manufacturing condition.

Beverage Labeling Tips

iconmonstr-shield-11-icon-48Protect It: UV coating and laminates ensure that your label will look great regardless of the environment.
We can help you choose the right topcoat for your label.

iconmonstr-eye-3-icon-48Get Noticed: Make sure your product stands out from the pack with vibrant colors and unrivaled artwork reproduction. We carry a wide assortment of custom inks and coatings to help you achieve your desired look.

iconmonstr-crop-12-icon-48Shape It: Be true to your brand and enhance your label’s appeal with custom shapes. Great Lakes Label is able to custom match any shape for your label.

Great Lakes Label in-house design teamWe’re More Than Just Labels

Need a custom designed label? Great Lakes Label works as a branding and design consultant for a wide variety of companies and brands.
We have a team of in-house designers ready to take your product to the next level.

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