Durable, weather-proof horticulture labels  for your nursery or garden center

Great Lakes Label supplies the horticultural industry with labels, ribbons, and tags. We also provide blank labels in a wide variety of sizes. We also provide custom printed labels, colored border labels, and UPC labels. Our facility supplies millions of labels each year found in greenhouses, nursery operations, independent garden centers, and “big box” stores.

We Understand Your Needs

We are committed to understanding our customer’s requirements while meeting or exceeding their expectations. We believe that this has been the key to our long-term success. We’re here to serve you, and to find the right solution that meets your specific needs.

Whether you’re tagging, printing and applying labels by hand or using our automated print and apply labeling system, The Label Gator®, we have the right solution for you.

Horticulture Label & Automation Solutions

The Label Gator®

Our Gators are automatic labeling systems that we offer in many different forms. Everything from Print & Apply, Apply-Only, as Add-Ons, Shipping Solutions (one-off labeling), and so many other combinations! These automatic label applicators for greenhouses or nurseries, are designed to be able to maximize Lean Continuous Flow operations.

  • Two-Sided
  • One-Sided
  • High-Speed
  • Single Head
  • Propogator
  • Tagger
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The Lagit®

As of 2023, the Label Gator Lagit® is officially recognized as a patented product- U.S. Patent No. 11,862,046. We offer a variety of different horticulture labels for every grower! Including our Label Gator Lagit which combines the tag & label, all in one. Also, customizable labels, either multi-colored labels, extended content labels or even join our picture label program. We can partially pre-print labels and send to you then you can print your variable data in house.  It doesn’t stop there! Contact us to see what else we can help you with!

Other Horticulture Labeling Equipment for Sale


We have thermal transfer printers, desktop printers, digital printers, and more all for sale. Find which type best fits your needs.


We have various sizes & types of ribbons that are available for purchase for your printing needs.


We have a variety of different rewinders to automatically wind your labels onto rolls.

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