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About Forest Stewardship Council

This voluntary program sets standards for responsible forest management. More than 380 million acres of forest are certified under this system, including more than 150 million acres in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit their website here.

Avery Dennison’s CleanFlake

CleanFlake has a water-based, recyclable adhesive which adheres to the PET bottle until recycling. Then, the bond breaks down in the sink/float process. The facestock and the adhesive cleanly separate from the PET flakes. CleanFlake allows for pure PET flakes, the conservation of virgin PET resources, and it reduces landfill waste. This product is available in clear or white BOPP film facestocks, as well as a 54# semi-gloss paper. Learn more about this product and why big brands like Coca-Cola are using it for their products (such as LIFEWTR) visit their website here.

Wausau Coated Environmentally Friendly Roll & Sheet Products

Wausau Coated offers a variety of environmentally conscious roll and sheet products. This includes a recycling compatible adhesive, a wide range of Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) Certified facestocks, as well as numerous facestocks made with post-consumer waste. Wausau sources and qualifies eco-friendly raw materials and manufacturing processes. These environmentally friendly stocks come in white, pearlescent, gold, and more! For more information on their product offerings, visit their website here.