Custom Cleaning Product Labels

Chemical cleaners demand quality, long lasting label materials that help your products stand out

Your household cleaning label encounters intense handling conditions and chemical exposure. We know your label not only has to attract your customer but it needs to protect them as well. We help you choose the right material to hold up against wear and tear and the right laminate to protect your label. Have a unique shaped bottle? Our label experts will work with you to create a custom die.

Beautiful & Functional Labels

Chemical product labels require resistance against harsh chemicals, heat, and constant handling. We provide one on one consultation to determine the right label material and protection for your product’s label.

Quality Cleaning Labels with Great Lakes Label

With our advanced printing technology we will provide you with a custom cleaning product label with vibrant, crisp graphics that will make you stand out on the shelves. We will have the labeling solution for any product out there, even with the variety of materials for custom cleaning labels out there. We offer everything from water and oil resistant labeling materials to a high-gloss laminate that will protect your cleaning products labels further. We can also provide you with sustainable options for those green-minded cleaning companies!

Need To Put More Information on your Label? We’ve Got that Covered Too!

Are you looking to add more information to your label and not compromise the label branding? Look into one of these two options below.

Booklet Labels

booklet labels

A booklet label is basically a folded pamphlet on your product. There is a great amount of opportunity for exceptional branding and messaging on these labels.

Extended Content Labels

Extended content labels help companies to meet their regulatory requirements, offer information in multiple languages or provide value-enhancing coupons. If your brand requires a large amount of information your label, extended content labels are a creative way to get this done without losing a ton of space to work with.

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