Durable & Sleek Design for Your Products

Turn heads with custom printed shrink sleeve labels with Great Lakes Label. Shrink sleeves will offer you more durability than pressure-sensitive labels and are designed to contour your container for the perfect fit. Our production team will deliver a label that will adhere to the shape & size of your container that will draw attention to your audience and optimize its shelf appeal. These 360° branding labels with tamper-evident seals can include vibrant colors to make sure no one walks by without taking a second look.

shrink sleeve labels

Shrink Film Cutting-Edge Techology

Our shrink sleeve process provides our customers with cost-effective solutions with incredible printing quality. When you choose shrink sleeve labels, your product will become scuff-resistant so it will always look great, even in harsh delivery or handling. We can provide sleeves for a wide range of markets, including:

  • Beverages
  • Shampoos & Conditioners
  • Health & Beauty Products
  • Household Cleaning Supplies
  • Cannabis Products
  • Beer Can Sleeves
  • Multi-Pack Products

Stand Out with Superior Shrink Sleeves

Designed for Durability: shrink film is printed on plastic or polyester film material. Meaning it will have great durability against moisture and heavy use. Not only does the shrink film offer more real estate for graphics and other information but it’s also ideal for products that endure humid or moisture-heavy environments.
Full-Wrap Packaging Adds Appeal: your shrink film sleeve will allow for full coverage of your product container. This will maximize your marketing area for additional graphics, ingredients, warnings, or other important information for your customers.
Fits Almost Any Container: The beauty of shrink sleeves is it’s ability to contour to almost any container shape. Our shrink film can fit on tapered bottles, wide jars, and more. You can even package products together with our multi-pack shrink sleeve option.
shrink film labels