About GS1 Labeling

GS1 Traceability LogoGS1 -128 helps brands identify, capture, and share information, creating a common language among businesses. This is particularly impactful when keeping track of products and their shipping progress. When brands all use various processes, GS1 eliminates time-consuming errors and miscommunications.

Traceability Impacts Accountability

By using this common language, we provide crystal clear expectations and are able to hold ourselves accountable for delivering our labels on time. With this system, it also empowers our customers to access this information at their leisure.

Capture & Share

Bar codes and radio-frequency identification (RFID) allow traceability for interfaces such as readers, printers, and other hardware and software components. Information such as master data, business transaction data, and physical event data can all be captured. You have the ability to establish the conditions for sharing this data for security.

About GTIN – Global Trade Item Number

The Global Trade Item Number identifies your brand and the items you make. This information covers trade item, physical location, and service relationship. It quickly and effectively communicates what product has been packed and shipped. This creates clarity and specificity on what products you, the customer, are receiving.

GTIN Barcode breakdown

Save Time & Money

Supply chain standards save time and money by eliminating administrative hang-ups and reducing paperwork.