Great Lakes Label LLC is a part of the UL Authorized Label Supplier Program-PGAA.LP3245

This program confirms that we are authorized to print the UL logo and all the UL logo variations for products that have been tested by UL and have been found to meet their safety standards. Only suppliers within the program are authorized to print labels with the UL Mark.

We are certified under UL Recognized Labeling Components in the following product categories:

Marking and Labeling Systems – Component – PGDQ2.MH25281:

– We have over 40 different label constructions that have been tested by UL.

– Our UL tested labels are able to meet any particular temperature or environment requirements you may have.

Repackaged Recognized Components – TEOU2.E255049

Printing Materials – Component – PGJI2.MH27718

– The custom imprinted label maintains full UL compliance.

– Examples of imprinted information include: model number; serial number; bar codes; QR codes.

Marking and Labeling Systems Certified for Canada – Component – PGDQ8.MH25281:

We have a variety of label constructions that have passed testing by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA)

Printing Materials Certified for Canada – Component – PGJI8.MH27718

For more information click here to visit the UL Online Certifications Directory or to verify a UL listing, Classification, or Recognition.

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