Custom Beverage Labels

Captivating beverage labels for any design to withstand any condition.

We understand that your beverages’s label must withstand extreme temperatures and provide excellent performance for your customers. Our high quality label adhesives are high performers, achieving your brand’s desired look and feel — encouraging brand recall and edging out your competition.

Great Lakes Label understands that in addition to your label’s ability to sway consumers buying decisions, your label must withstand high manufacturing speeds. Our company works with some of the largest manufacturers, constantly innovating to ensure our pressure sensitive labels provide optimal performance in any manufacturing condition.

Beverage Label Types

  • Bottle labels
  • Can Labels
  • Kombucha Labels
  • Juice Labels
  • Cider Labels
  • Coffee Labels

Labeling Tips

iconmonstr-shield-11-icon-48Protect It: UV coating and laminates ensure that your label will look great regardless of the environment.
We can help you choose the right topcoat for your label.

iconmonstr-eye-3-icon-48Get Noticed: Make sure your product stands out from the pack with vibrant colors and unrivaled artwork reproduction. We carry a wide assortment of custom inks and coatings to help you achieve your desired custom beverage labels look.


Shape It: Be true to your brand and enhance your label’s appeal with custom shapes. Great Lakes Label is able to custom match any shape for your label.

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Ordering Beverage Labels with Great Lakes Label

We understand that purchasing your beverage labels from a label supplier is a big commitment. We want to make sure that when purchasing your labels through Great Lakes Label that they will adhere to your expectations and functionality. Our goal is make the label design process as smooth and straightforward as possible, ordering your labels will still require a certain amount of thought and analysis. This especially applies to beverage labels that are subjected to a wide range of environments and temperatures. After all, who wants to be that company with a beautiful label… that has fallen off or worn off by the time the product has hit the shelves? We know you don’t!

We will be asking the below questions to make sure we recommend the best possible label for your product.

Application Surface– adhesives bond in different ways to different surfaces. The application surface makes a big difference for what adhesive your custom label will be applied to. Is your substrate clear gloss or frosted glass? Or is it plastic? If it is plastic, what kind of plastic.

The Label Environment– your beverage label will go through a wide range of environmental changes during the packing, shipping, and storage process. Will your product be exposed to moisture or light?

The Purpose of the Label- as we’re sure you know already, there will be certain information that is legally required to be on your label. Understanding those requirements are important for your label supplier to know up front to ensure the design elements you’ve chosen don’t impede the legibility of any required text.

Color Considerations– having this conversation early with your label supplier will let you know which materials will work best with your design, and how those material choices can affect your overall budget. At Great Lakes Label, we take color very seriously!

Application Method- is this a small batch of beverage labels for a soft launch? You may want labels that you can hand apply. For larger batches of labels, hand-applied labels can be an inefficient choice. At that point, rolls of labels that you can pair with an applicator machine will be a better option.

Volume and Distribution– space is money. But volume pricing is often the better deal. We will talk with you about your anticipated volume needs and suggest production methods that fit those needs.

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