The ALline E

The ALline E

High performance in-line front & back labelling

About The System

ALline E is a high precision in-line labeling system configured to apply front and back labels in a single pass to elliptical and/or rectangular shaped products such as shampoo “type” toiletry bottles, triggers sprays and jerry cans to name but a few.

As with all ALTech labeling machines, ALline E is designed in a modular format with an infinitely variable choice of gapping, orientation and labeling solutions chosen according to the products to be labelled and the performance requirements of the application.

System Features:

ALline E’s solid base features a high degree of water ingress protection, stainless steel top plate & module components. For particularly harsh environments ALline E can also be specified with an enclosure and/or full stainless 304 or 316 construction – i.e. for wet or corrosive environments.

The robust base can be mounted with several kinds of slat or belt conveyors, of differing widths and lengths to meet customer requirements whilst ensuring system rigidity.

Importantly it is for this reason that even when not fitted with a cabinet, all ALline E systems still include an upper trestle, hardening the top stabilising belt for increased rigidity of the whole system.

Optional Accessories:

ALline E can be equipped with some of the same label wraparound units as used on ALline C, to also allow full or partial wraparound labelling on the same machine (ALline EC).


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