Add information without compromising your label design!

Need more space than the extended content / tri-panel label allows for?

Use a Booklet Label to fit all that you need!

booklet label open
Main Markets Served: 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Health / Beauty
  • Cleaning / Household Products
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural
  • Food Packages
booklet pharmacy label
Popular Uses:
  • Chemical Ingredient Information
  • Disposal / Storage
  • Multi-Language Copy
  • Provide Legal Text
  • Side Effects
  • Introduce New Products / Cross-Promotions
  • Food Ingredients or Recipes
booklet showing storage and disposal
Benefits of Booklets:
  • Allows for plenty of space for everything you need on your label and MORE!
  • This space ensures your content is legible and easy to read.
  • Helps your brand build trust by communicating with customers.
  • Include text without sacrificing design.
  • Can apply with automated machines.