Keep Your Brand Integrity & Enhance Your Packaging with a GMI Certified Company


Welcome! Great Lakes Label is a label converter in Comstock Park, MI. We have been awarded full certification by Graphic Measurers International (GMI). GMI is a leader in quality management and brand integrity. This certification followed an intensive on-site audit involving independent testing and inspections. It comprised of company-wide processes and capabilities audit from order entry to shipping. Many companies only work with GMI-certified printers to make sure their packaging looks consistent through their omnichannel- we’re proud to have worked with some of those prestigious brands.

What is GMI and What Does The Certification Offer?

The GMI audit includes an in-depth focus on graphics and color management. Other areas that were evaluated were press quality (registration, trapping, die-line accuracy, finishing) and quality assurance (process implementation, audits, traceability, barcode readability, and non-compliance protocol) It verifies that Great Lakes Label utilizes scientific measurement and even the latest technology in its print and color management processes. Which, in turn, upholds the customer’s brand integrity through consistency on the finished product from run to run.

Other areas evaluated:

  • Press-quality
    • registration
    • trapping
    • dieline accuracy
    • finishing
  • Quality assurance
    • process implementation
    • audits
    • traceability
    • barcode readability
    • non-compliance protocol
GMI Certified Company

GMI’s Primary Focus

certify, monitor and measure the performance of packaging suppliers, providing brand owners with control over quality variables through scientific quality measurement processes.

The GMI program focuses on global compliance, upholding the belief that regardless of where packaging is printed, quality does not need to compromised. In addition to the GMI certification, Great Lakes Label has received a Superior Rating from AIB International for several years in a row and is a ISO 9001:2008 compliant facility.

This certification is updated on a yearly basis. Feel free to review our latest certification, among others, here. You can view our associations here.

Color Management is Key To Great Packaging Design

Customers trust brands, even more, when they have color consistency. So, it is an important aspect of using innovative techniques. It’s not just ideal for a big brand expanding on a luxury packaging line, but also for a mom and pop shop creating handcrafted labels. However, it’s also quite important to trust your label printing with an experienced printer.

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