Color Management

Color Isn’t a Guessing Game

We use superior technology and equipment to eliminate color mistakes, and maintain consistent color matching for your brand’s specific color. Using an X-Rite Spectrophotometer and software, our color readings are automated, leaving no room for human error. Standards are set and matched based on Pantone or your custom color, making each and every run consistent.

Great Lakes Label graphic_lite_booth.

Great Lakes Label production floor - spectrophotometer

We Won’t Leave You In The Dark

At Great Lakes Label, we use a Graphiclite light booth to identify color inconsistencies or errors on your label. This ensures your finished product is of the highest quality. Our light booth allows us to view every label in a controlled environment.

Benefits of Labeling With Color Management

  • Drive consistent color throughout your packaging supply chain
  • Capture the true color and communicate clearly to design and production
  • Strengthens your brand image


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