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Great Lakes Label LLC has thousands of label stock and materials to choose from. Each stock has its own unique look and feel. From challenging environments to chemical and water-resistant, we have a specialized labeling solution that will fit your needs. You can count on our label experts to match the correct label material with your specific application. Below are examples of some of our popular stocks.


White Gloss: As compared to semi-gloss, white gloss label stock has the highest level of shine. Gloss labels produce vibrant colors, unlike any other type of stock. It is also an inexpensive labeling material. However, if your product will be viewed in a well-lit area such as a supermarket, a gloss label will be harder to view due to the shine.

Matte: Matte paper produces nice quality images, but not as vibrant as images would be on glossy paper. Matte paper will not be marred by fingerprints, or produce a glare.

Light Weight Semi-Gloss: This semi-gloss is an all-temperature adhesive with a paper liner. Semi-gloss balances between inventive and professional. Semi-gloss does not produce colors as vibrantly as white gloss stock. That being said, it is ideal for a label that will be handled often as it is less resistant to smudging and dust.

Thermal Transfer Matte White Film: This stock has a 40# liner and a permanent adhesive. This label application is used when resistance to water, oil, and chemicals is important.

Fluorescents: This face material is perfect for eye-catching displays. Some applications include price marking, promotional labeling, and informational labeling.

Direct Thermal Bright White Paper: Suitable for direct thermal printing.


Polypropylene: This film is suitable for applications that require resistance to water, oil, and chemicals. This film also has great transparency, giving a “no-label” look. Some labeling applications include beverages, health, and beauty.

Polyethylene (PE): Similar to Polypropylene, this film is suitable for applications that require resistance to water, oil, and chemicals. This film contours well and is flexible, making it a great choice for squeezable packages. Polyethylene films are typically used in-home care labeling, health, and beauty.

Polyester: Polyester films provide excellent clarity and high durability. Polyester films are valued for their ability to resist moisture, decay, and extreme temperatures.

White Film (BOPP): This film material is both durable and flexible. Some suitable labeling applications include squeezable and rigid plastic containers.

Specialty Films & Papers

Global MDO (Avery Dennison): Global MDO is a pressure-sensitive label product that combines Avery Dennison’s patented film technology for high clarity/opacity and stability in application with a recyclable polyester liner and 50% ooze less adhesive. Avery’s Global MDO offers performance and sustainability.