Resealable Labels

Resealable Labels are Versatile

Resealable labels are labels that can be pulled off the product and re-applied for a secure closure. From cosmetic wipes to packaging lids for food products, this label keeps your products fresh. With its airtight seal, it can hold in moisture and keep food fresh. Best yet, our resealable labels withstand hot and freezing temperatures.

Diamond Wipes Label by Great Lakes Label

Pull Tabs

Pull tabs allow for easy opening and resealing of the product. No adhesive is applied to the tab in order to provide easy gripping. This does not have any effect on the airtight seal.


Labeling Techniques

As seen in the above Naked Princess label by Diamond Wipes, innovative techniques such as foiling can be applied to a resealable label. Great Lakes Label offers a variety of labeling techniques. Watch this video for more information on what can be created on our precise flexographic press.


Unique Shapes & Sizes Available

No matter what shape your packaging is, our labels are created with precision in order for it to fit like a glove. Pull tabs can also be designed specifically for your needs in order to create a look that is uniquely your own.

Great Lakes Label in-house design teamWe’re More Than Just Labels

Need a custom designed label? Great Lakes Label works as a branding and design consultant for a wide variety of companies and brands.
We have a team of in-house designers ready to take your product to the next level.

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