Get Inspired: Labels With A Water Motif

Get Inspired: Labels With A Water Motif

Nothing is more refreshing and cooling than water. It’s heating up outside, so cool down with these designs. These packages and labels incorporate water motifs you’ll love.


Flowater Design by Zoey Chung
Flowater Package Design by Zoey Chung

Flowater Packaging Design by Zoey Chung

Chung says about the design, “Flowater is a tetra pak of drinking water, which is extracted from flowers that have a healing property for human body. The logo is the water drop shape that contains the ingredient inside.” The cool color scheme perfectly compliments water motif and theme of purity on the container’s package.


Hyazint Design by Stephan Donner
Hyazint Label Design by Stephan Donner

Hyazint Bottle & Label Design by Stephan Donner

What’s cool about these designs is that they are named after the capital of the country the water originates from. Obviously the bottle’s label design is incredibly unique as well, and has a water top texture unlike any other water bottle label. The color scheme is fitting and sophisticated as well. Especially with the cork top and seal, this bottle’s label is unlike any other water packaging.


Evian Lady Packaging Designed by Kenneth Wong
Evian Lady by Kenneth Wong

Evian Lady Packaging Designed by Kenneth Wong

This slim bottle packaging concept is a fit better into bags and purses. The curvy shape fits well into the water motif on the package and the hue of the bottle matches well with the cool tone theme repeated with the above examples. Since water is such a basic product, the label design makes it stand out.


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