Hot Stamp Makes Labels Shimmer

Hot Stamp Makes Labels Shimmer

Hot stamp is a method that creates an outstanding foil look for your label. This technique can be used in a variety of ways for your flexographic printed label.

Perfect for Titles

Brewhouse beer - Great Lakes Label

As seen on this R&D beer label, Brewhouse, the hot stamp foiling is used over the title. This color scheme also compliments the title’s look well. It leaves a lasting impact and unifies the art as a whole. As you can see, there are other techniques used such as motion coat and grit coat, but hot stamp works brilliantly in combination with other techniques.

Bourbon Red - Great Lakes Label


Color Variety

Hot stamp can be done in a variety of colors. That is why this technique is the perfect option for titles. No matter the size, or shape of the title, or even the stock of the label, hot stamp will be easily applied. It is an eye-catching addition to any label.

Shipwreck wine label - Great Lakes Label


Emphasize Images With Hot Stamp

It doesn’t only have to be applied to titles! It can also be used to emphasize certain characteristics of your design as seen in this R&D beer label, Swarm. While the color scheme falls on the yellow side of the color wheel, the wings of the bee add an extra touch.


swarm beer label - Great Lakes Label

This is a great option for any label because of it’s versatility in design. Whether you are looking for a classic touch on your wine label or a modern twist for your food label, this technique will provide you with the style you’re looking for.

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