Get Inspired: Spooky Packaging

Get Inspired: Spooky Packaging

Spooky, festive labeling and packaging is currently on trend. As brands get festive, we’re taking a look at some inspiring designs. As mentioned in a previous blog, promotional labels can have a great impact on sales. Creating appropriate designs for the season can give your brand the edge it needs on the grocery store shelf.


Bitter Sweet Chocolate's Spooky Packaging
Bitter Sweet Chocolate’s Spooky Packaging


Bitter Sweet Chocolate’s Spooky Packaging Design By Janessa Larmer

This branding is inspired by Day of The Dead. Since, as you may or may not know, the day originated from Aztecs, whose culture revolved around the cocoa bean. Because of this, Bitter Sweet incorporated the sugar skull into their design. While these skulls are more sweet than spooky, it is a fitting concept for this sweet brand. The bright colors also infuse a sense of play, perfect for chocolate packaging


Kiehl's Beard Label
Kiehl’s Beard Label

Kiehl’s Beard Label Design By Andrea Ribera, Paloma Balardrón

This label, like the first example, features a skeleton motif as well. This time, the skeleton is sporting a playful beard and suit. In fact, this is a play on the skeleton displayed at Kiehl’s stores. This concept was to keep the label on brand. As for the packaging, Ribera and Balardrón took inspiration from apothecaries’ aesthetic. This is a common theme for beard oil, but no less effective. The traditional look works with the type of product this is and all works together in getting customers to pick up the product.


Obscure Beer Labels
Obscure Beer Labels


Obscure Beer Labels By Jerson Salazar Méndez

The labels for Obscure beer feature a werewolf, zombie and vampire. Pretty spooky indeed! Méndez said, it is a beer called obscure because its image will lead to legends of terror. Besides, it is a strong, bitter beer, for those who really love beer, it is a fine and of high quality , young beer.” The typography on this pressure sensitive label design is bold and eye-catching. It all works together to create a truly festive beer.


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