Health Canada’s New Food Labels

Health Canada’s New Food Labels

Health Canada proposed new logos to be added to packaging in an effort to fight obesity. There are four options to consider right now, and Health Canada is welcoming input. In the meantime, here’s what you need to know to be ready for upcoming changes to products hitting Canadian shelves.

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The Proposed Regulations by Health Canada

Health Minister Ginette Petitipas said the front-of-package nutrition symbol options were all designed to help people make healthier choices. As obesity grows, this is one way to make healthy eating habits easier. The sizing, however, would vary depending on the size of the packaging. Proposed threshold amounts also vary. Learn more about the variations in threshold amounts before it’s time to alter your label design.


Products This Packaging Change Won’t Impact

Any product where this information is redundant does not require the logos. So, for example, honey is redundant. There’s also what they’re dubbing “the farmer’s market exception.” Any foods you might find at a farmers market that offers health benefits, like milk, do not require the logo. Other products include olive oil and canola oil as well as fruits and vegetables without added sugars or sodium. Essentially, Health Canada is looking to reduce the negative impact on small handcrafted brands and their products.


Upcoming Dates To Know

Canadians have until April 26th to provide comments on the designs. A planned transition will then take place until December 2022. That said, once Canada Gazette II is published later this year, then so does the proposed logo. Prepare your labels now to save time re-arranging any copy and graphic design components later.


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