Picking the Perfect Color: Color Psychology in Packaging

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The Art of Color Persuasion:

pantone beer labelsColor has the power to trigger emotions, encourage brand recall and even influence one’s appetite. For many brands, color is deeply tied to their brand identity. From Kawasaki Green to Cadbury purple, the signature color often brings a specific brand to mind.

Because of the power and influence, color psychology can have a major impact on one’s emotions, and even buying decisions. It is crucial to choose your packaging and brand’s color wisely.

The Color Psychology Rules:

Unfortunately, there are no hard and fast rules when choosing a specific color. Although, some colors have conventional meanings. An example of this is using earth tones to define a natural or organic product or using specific colors to define a specific flavor. In some instances being distinctive can also have it’s advantages as well.


1) Understand how color affects your target demographic. Below are some questions to ask before choosing a specific color:

  • What is my positioning? Is it high end or low end?
  • Who am I targeting? Women, men, students, young, old?
  • What emotion do I want my packaging to elicit?

2) Also, understand that color meanings change over time. Green, a color once associated with sickness is now associated with healthiness. Black, a color once associated with death is now associated with wealth, sophistication and elegance.

3) Where your product will be marketed will also affect color decisions. In other words, not every country or region has the same cultural view of certain colors.

The Takeaway:

Color has the power to connect with consumers on an emotional level, therefore choosing a color requires ample research. Our research and development team is available to assist with research or questions you may have!


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