Tactile screen is a technique which adds a screen to the label to create a raised texture. Unlike embossing, this technique does not even press the label. Instead, it is added on top. This technique is popular in luxury design, creating a sophisticated look.


Don Anselmo Label by Great Lakes Label


Tactile Screen On Its Own

One way it can enhance your label is by using the technique to create an image or a stamp. You can see this in the above label. Instead of adding tactile screen over an image to create realistic texture, it creates an invisible ink style image. The design catches in the light, revealing this hidden addition to the label. It is perfect if you are looking to add something special to your label without taking any focus away from other design aspects.


Shipwreck wine label - Great Lakes Label


Realistic & Complimentary For Design

On the above R&D label, tactile screen is used to enhance the tentacles. When you run your finger over the label, only the small suction cups pop out. This creates a more realistic, interactive design. Here, it is used alongside foiling. As you can see, tactile screen does not take away the focus, but adds to the overall aesthetic and works well with other techniques.


Meijer Coctail Peanuts label with tactile screen - Great Lakes Label


Detail Oriented

Tactile screen can also be used on detailed images like the above peanuts. This R&D label used both embossing and tactile screen for the nuts to really pop. The tactile screen is able to be applied in very fine patterns, which is perfect for food items such as this. It makes for more realistic texture and infuses a sense of luxury. Again, these techniques were used alongside foiling in a cohesive way.


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