Unboxing Vlogs Are Essentially Free Ads

Unboxing Vlogs Are Essentially Free Ads

What is an Unboxing Video Blog?

These are videos in which the content creator simply opens the package to reveal, possibly review, the product within. The video blogger may review the package and label design, or sometimes, they may say nothing at all. The latter speaks to the growing ASMR style (“autonomous sensory meridian response”- a fancy way of saying these are videos calm the viewer and relieve stress).


Secret Makeup Unboxing | Helen Anderson | Ad

I got asked to take part in a very exciting video that will also be A TV ADVERT! You may have seen it already, but here is the full length video… You can watch me in the ad here: Unboxing a mystery makeup box that I genuiley had no clue who it was from!


Why Are They Important?

Like reviews, “let’s plays,” or makeup tutorials, it seems this style of the video blog is increasing in popularity due to the fact that people can get insight on a product and if it may be something worth purchasing. Unboxing vlogs can also make unaware potential customers aware your product and packaging exist. With millions of people ready to tune in, this could be a relatively low cost and organic option for advertising.

customers watching and filming unboxing videosHow Does It Work?

Typically, an agreement is set up prior to the video filming (some brands even send video bloggers samples and suggest they only vlog about the product if they want to). The agreement will vary from vlogger to vlogger, and typically, the more subscribers and average views per video the person has, the more regulations or requirements that person will have to feature your product.

There is also a standard regulation on YouTube that makes creators specify if the video is an ad, whether that be in the title, the video itself or the description. This is to provide a transparency between vlogger and audience member.

Unobxing videos can be a great way to show off your product or reveal a new design! We opted to reveal a @perrinbrewing Lil’ Griz bottle in our own specially labeled box to show you just how simple it can be! No need for a big setup or paid video blogger. You can try this trend yourself with just a camera and your product! #perrinbeer #beer #unboxing #brew #brewery #craftbeer #unboxings #unboxingvideo #youtube #youtuber #youtubers #graphicdesign #unboxingvlog #vlog #videblog #instavideo

26 Likes, 2 Comments – Great Lakes Label, LLC (@greatlakeslabel) on Instagram: “Unobxing videos can be a great way to show off your product or reveal a new design! We opted to…”


How Can This Work For Small Businesses Looking For Local Awareness?

Look for local creators who make videos that suit your business’ brand. Plenty of Facebook groups focus on connecting local YouTubers and creative entrepreneurs. So, join those groups and post your idea to target the right local creator.

Alternatively, try unboxing videos yourself. You don’t need high-end equipment, or a script, or even charisma. If you’re camera shy, simply focus your lens on the product and let the item speak for itself. In promoting the video, you can again look for local groups on social media which might enjoy seeing your product unboxed. Remember, people love to see the whole package, so be sure to show them the whole label.



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