These packaging design sites offer news, inspiration, and information on all things label and packaging design. Not only is it informational about the industry, but it also helps with coming up with your own designs. Essentially, use this list to keep an eye on the pulse of the ever-changing packaging and label industries.

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Why These Packaging Design Sites?

So, what were the criteria used to choose these ten sites (not in any particular order)? These websites have a focus on design, labels, and/or packaging. They offer unique perspectives, industry insider interviews, and/or frequently updated imagery of design concepts. As a result, you can’t visit these sites without feeling more informed about the industry and inspired by incredible works.


Brand Experience Magazine10. Brand Experience Magazine

Brand Experience Magazine is a fantastic resource for news and information on the latest packaging trends as well as interviews with packaging insiders. It’s also ideal for anyone working on luxury packaging. It also offers a hard copy magazine in case you prefer getting your information off-screen. Brand Experience Magazine is updated often, and with thorough, high-quality articles.



9. Behance

This is an Adobe hosted website for all things design. Although it doesn’t focus solely on packaging, there is an easily searchable way to find a plethora of user-generated packaging design content. Plus, as seen in the screenshot, Adobe frequently posts live streams featuring professional designers. These live streams focus on showcasing on-the-spot design improv and a simultaneous Q&A session (plus prizes). So, this site is perfect for getting new inspiration and getting a sense of the latest trends through viewing a variety of designs.



8. Designspiration

The title speaks for itself. This website offers design inspiration of all kinds, including label and packaging design. This site is a fantastic resource for researching art styles and getting inspiration for label design motifs. It is also easy to use the search qualifications and narrow in on the kind of content you’re looking for. So, since this website frequently updates on a regular basis, you’ll find a plethora of content.


Lovely Package7. Lovely Package

Lovely Package focusses on highlighting one packaging design at a time. So, it not only features high-quality images of products, but it also features a write-up about the designer and the packaging. Although the website isn’t updated often when it is the content is on-trend and innovative. Again, this is a fantastic place to better understand current trends and to learn more about how other brands are designing their products.


Packaging UQAM

6. Packaging UQAM

UQAM stands for Université du Québec à Montréal, which translates in English to University of Quebec in Montreal. So, obviously this website focusses on students at University of Quebec in Montreal who are studying packaging. These designs are all concept works, and each post has high-quality images of the design as well as a write-up discussing the students’ visions for their work. Again, this is a fantastic resource for inspiration, however, it is not updated on a frequent basis. That said, when it is, it’s worth the time it takes to read about the latest projects.


Packaging of The World

5. Packaging of The World

Packaging of The World is a great mix of highly curated content, and frequent postings. This site solely focusses on packaging and label designs and it also in that sense focusses on innovation. It features images of the products and a brief write-up of the designer’s intentions for their work. As a result, it’s a great way to see how their vision came to life, whether that be blatant or subtle. Get a behind the scenes look as well as inspiration for your next design.


Labels & Labeling

4. Labels & Labeling

Labels & Labeling is a news source for, you guessed it, all things labeling. While this source doesn’t often offer inspiration, it does offer news and information on the latest technology. This is a fantastic way to get to know how your labels are created and what it takes to create high-quality labels. They also have a print version of their magazine in case you prefer doing your reading offline. It even offers the latest information on industry developments.


Label & Narrow Web

3. Label & Narrow Web

This is another print magazine and web-oriented news source which provides technical information on label printing systems. It also doesn’t offer as much content on the design inspiration front, however, does offer valuable insight into the latest industry trends and developments. So, since Label & Narrow Web is updated frequently and the monthly magazine it’s hard to miss industry insider news. This is a fantastic resource.


Label Gator label automation site2. Label Gator

Label Gator is our horticulture labeling system brand which focusses on providing plant label design and automation information. The blog focusses on trends, technology, and even information on our automation systems. We also share news about the latest tradeshows we attend so you can come to meet with us in person. If you want more information specfically about plant labels, this one is for you!


Packaging World screenshot - packaging design sites

1. Packaging World

Lastly, Packaging World is a news source that offers information on the latest packaging trends, brands’ design experiences, and industry news. It’s updated often and creates an ideal resource for all things packaging. The website also features an intuitive website layout that makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Learn more about how we can bring your wildest label design concepts and durability requirements to life. While techniques are important and exciting, there’s so much more to your label. Download our Label Project Guide e-book.


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