Massey Fish Company is a Michigan-based seafood brand which catches fish daily on the straights of Mackinac. This six-generation family-owned business plays into their community-oriented role to provide a more personal approach to business and packaging design. Now, Massey Fish Company is available in various local, national, and even international markets. As a result, these products are not just high-quality. They’re also accessible.


Massey Fish Labels by Great Lakes Label

More About Massey Fish Company’s Packaging

These labels feature the same recognizable design, but also feature variable data. So, one label design effectively works for a variety of products. As a result, the branding is established and re-enforced to be instantly recognizable. Even the prominence of the bright blue color scheme makes it stand out. Plus, it emphasizes the blue of the straights they fish on.

The local bridge motif is a fantastic way to build a connection with Michigan-based customers. It establishes the brand’s location (in relation to the well known Mackinac Bridge). It also communicates the brand’s focus on local customers and its sense of community. As a result, the imagery asserts that the fish are caught locally.

Obviously, this allows versatility despite the singular design. Fresh fish packaging, as well as paté containers, use them. Plus, it saves time during the application process.


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