A Case For Inclusive Packaging Design

A Case For Inclusive Packaging Design

You’ve put a lot of thought into the design of your product. The labeling and packaging are key elements to being seen on the grocery store shelf after all. Have you thought much about inclusive packaging along the way?

First, what is inclusive packaging?

Not everyone has an easy time opening up various packages, or reading small fonts. It’s not just about creating packaging and labels that the elderly can open and understand with ease, but children, those with disabilities and the abled bodied as well. What is your product worth if a large corner of the market finds it inaccessible?


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Of course if the product is meant to be safely out of the hands of children, accommodations should be made. If the product is meant for all to use, however, accessibility should be a priority. The trendy minimalistic style you desire for your label can still be achieved with larger font. The drink can still be tightly shut with an easy to open lid. The colors used in your design can still have enough contrast so that everyone can clearly understand the content.


While excessive packaging is an issue for those considering environmental consequences, it could also be an issue here. The less packaging there is, the easier it is for the customer to start using your product. What can be eliminated, or reimagined, in order to create a more efficient experience? As time goes on and more developments are made in the packaging material industry, the more options you have. That being said, starting with smart design can be just as effective while we wait for those innovations.


One simple example how you can make your products more accessible is by including braille. Any embossing or tactile screen can create the desired effect on your label. It enhances the label design as well as the ease of access for everyone.


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