Get Inspired: Paint Label Designs

Get Inspired: Paint Label Designs

Paint labels pose a unique challenge. How do you stand out, while also clearly communicating the color of the product? Whether you take a bold or traditional route, these designs show you how to best merge the two needs.


Dots Paint Can & Spray Paint Label Designed By Christine Herrin
Dots Paint By Christine Herrin

Dots Paint Can & Spray Paint Label Designed By Christine Herrin

This design incorporates many vibrant colors to create an abstract design that catches the eye.  Even still, the color of the paint is apparent based on the lid label and half of the side label. It expertly plays with color and shape to stand out from more subdued paint packaging designs while still clearly communicating what the product looks like.


Nostalgia Paint Labels Designed By Matthew Tomoni
Nostalgia Designed By Matthew Tomoni

Nostalgia Paint Labels Designed By Matthew Tomoni

Perhaps incorporating the ideal name, Nostalgia creates a vintage and clean look to their labels. The color of the product is obvious, and the customer demographic is clear. Tomoni says of the design, “I chose Frank Lloyd Wright and designed my line of paints to mirror different aspects of his work, including but not limited to, his architecture, interior design projects, stained glass windows, and unique color palettes.”

Frank Lloyd Wright Concept Packaging Designed By Ana Paulsen
hFrank Lloyd Wright Concept By Ana Paulsen

Frank Lloyd Wright Concept Packaging Designed By Ana Paulsen

This series is another Frank Lloyd Wright inspired design. It also draws upon his architecture, stain glass windows, and interior design projects. As you can see, despite the same source, inspiration can take your design in limitless directions. The color palette at the bottom of the label shows how each color will look against others in the paint collection.


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