Label Core:

The label core is the thick cardboard center of a label roll. It is like the center of a paper towel or toilet paper roll, but much sturdier. Different labeling systems require different size cores.

The most typical core sizes are 1 to 3 inches in diameter. “Core size” refers to the diameter of the inner core of rolled labels. Labels that are fan-folded or sheeted do not have cores or core sizes.

The Roll OD (Outer Diameter) refers to the diameter of the complete roll. 

When you purchase labels on a core, you must specify which wind direction you want. There are 8 different rewind positions to choose from.

Wind Direction:

label rewind direction

Rewind positions 1 through 4 are wound on the outside of the label roll, while directions 4 to 8 are wound in, and hardly used.

If you are using an automated machine for your labeling, the most popular wind directions are 3 or 4. Wind #3 labels right off, while wind #4 labels left off. These are for labeling on the sides of your container.

Wind direction #2 is popular as well for labeling the tops of your container, while #1 labels the bottom, but is used less often.

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